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10 week miscarriage

My wife and I were expecting a child. My wife is 23 years old and I am 22. My wife has already taken her prenatal exam and we had scheduled an ultra-sound.

We went in for an ultrasound and they estimated the pregnancy at 10 weeks along. They tried looking for a heart beat and could not find one. The technician then looked for blood flow. A few minutes later the tech left and brought a doctor in. The doctor looked at the screen then said," I'm sorry but you have lost your baby, see? theres no blood flow." Immediately after he told us that he recommended a D&C the following day and left the room while we grieved for awhile.

My question is: Is there other tests to further prove this is right? Or is the ultrasound 100% accurate in deciding this fate? Also my wife is very healthy and has had no health complications and is not taking any medications.
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Sorry you are going through this. Have you had HcG levels monitored previously through the past 10 weeks? It may be worth checking the levels to see if there is a pregnancy there and then monitoring it over a few days to see if levels go up. they will only go up if there is a viable pregnancy there.
Also, has your wife had any pregnancy symptoms? what and how are they now?
Normally in the UK they do a test at 12 weeks. Is there a reason why yours was done at 10 weeks? Is the norm where you are?

tc and all the best.
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The doctor did not monitor anything although We decided not to do the D&C and we believe that the baby is alive. However we would like to do further tests and have scheduled another appointment with a different doctor.

My wife is fine and has not had any complications. She does not have cramps nor does she have any bleeding. I'm not quite sure what pregnancy symptoms there are because this is our first child and we are still young.(sorry) She does have minor lower backaches here and there, Also her breasts are sore all the time. Always tired, infact she falls asleep within seconds after laying down, like last night after she took a long nap earlier in the day. always having to go to the bathroom, she has odd food cravings at odd times, and of course weight gain.

I'm not too sure why they did the test at 10 weeks im only assuming it was because they wanted to get an earlier positive confirmation of pregnancy. We are holding onto our child and we do not believe it is gone. My wife still feels very much pregnant and very happy. The doctor was very forward and upfront and gave little to explain except that this happens in 1/2 of every pregnancy.

Thank you for your time.

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The symptoms you describe are typical of a pregnancy, however, ( and I hope his is not the case for you) if the pregnancy is no longer there, the hormones will take a while to come down and this could still give your wife her pregnancy systems. The body takes a while to realise and lower these hormones. One way to check is monitoring through her HcG levels as suggested in my last post. Perhaps suggest this to your new Doctor.
Hope the new appointment goes well.Keep us posted and good luck
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i am so so sorry about all this, but if u guys are not careful, your wife could become seriously ill. if your baby has passed than there is a dead baby in there that can easily cause serious life threatning infections. i know this is very hard to grasp if the u/s was right, but u have to also think of your wifes well being too. there are plenty of women who lose the baby that feel perfectly fine. they feel pg, theres no symptoms of distress and the baby had died weeks prior. if u do not get further test ran than please watch for fever and any pain. back pain is usually one of the first signs of loss. otherwise blood tests can confirm the results, but u/s should be near 100% accurate. what did the doc say when u said u believe the baby is alive?
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I first want to say that I am very sorry you are going through this. I can relate though as sad as it is. I had 2 children and then a miscarrage. I  thought I was 7 and a half weeks and I started bleeding, But some people don't bleed, anyway I went to the doctor and he said go rest and come back tomorrow and we will do an ultra sound. I of course was very worried but tried to be posative, I went and got the ultra sound done and when she was doing it there was no talking which I knew wasn't good cause if they see that the baby is fine they talk about the baby and ask if you want to see. There was none of that so i was scared. Then she went and got the doctor and he came in and said you lost your baby. I lost the baby at 6 in half weeks. that was one of the sadest things I had ever heard. Even though I had 2 already so I can't imagine the baby being my first. Two days later I did loose the baby. I could tell it was. Alot of women though do not loose the baby naturally and do have to have a D and C and though it is scary I don't think it is safe not to have it done. She could get an infection or maybe cause problems for furture pregnancies. I have had 2 mor children after that and one on the way. I hope I am wrong and you can read this and say that lady does not know what she is talking about. But I do know ultra sounds are usually 99 percent accurate exspecially that far along. they can see a heart beat on uktra sound at 6 weeks. I feel bad giving you this news and I hope I'm wrong. I wish you all the best and good luck.
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I know how difficult it is what you guys are going tru right now,I had a similer exp in May where i had like 12 blood counts but they were not going up till i had cramps and started bleeding went to hosp and the Dr told me to rest as the baby was coming out .Could not believe him went to the other Dr who tld me I had fabriod which are a great threat to pregnant woman.Took them out as they were in my uteris so that spelt its possible tha i could never have kid .This day im 7.5 weeks but i do get pain from time which i have to believe its from the op nothing negetive.

I suggest you see onother DR and see what he/she can say.
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