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11 week miscarriage

I found out i was pregnant on a monday and then learned i was miscarrying on a friday.  Im calling this the emotional roller coaster ride from hell as I went from shocked, terrified, excited, to more excited, and then finally to devestated.  The doctors office told me i might be 11 weeks along but the hospital told me i might be 14 weeks along.  the first day of my last period was the 18th of December.  

Anyway, I have finally accepted it and im trying to move on but im left wondering what is going to happen to my body now as i opt for a natural miscarriage?
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I am so sorry for your loss.  I just need to clarify your question.  Are you currently miscarrying and it's not over yet?  Or do you mean what happens in the aftermath?  

I'm so very sorry.
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You should have a really heavy period...and then your doctor will want to see you again to make sure its all cleared. I hate to hear that you miscarried :( But you are very fertile right after enduring one, so if your doc says that its safe and if you feel up to it..try try again! Best of luck to you through this hard time.
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I was wondering what would happen as my body cleaned itself out but i think i got my answer last night.  I started cramping in the morning and as the day went by the cramps got worse.  I had been reading a lot of experiences that other women have had on this website so i kind of knew what i was in for.  Around 1 pm i started seeing large jelly-like clots on my pad.  eventually the cramp pain increased and it got to where i would see clots hopping out like small frogs every time i sat on the toilet.  (Sorry if this is too graphic i just want others to know what to expect).  Every time a clot came out i would feel a little relief.  around 10 pm the cramps intensified beyond any cramp I have ever felt and after about 20 minutes of lying on the bathroom floor a very large and heavier thing came out.  It wasn't quite like the other clots but it did look very similar to them.  I have a feeling that was the baby itself or perhaps just the sac itself.  I'm not sure as i didn't dive in the toilet after it.  My boyfriend was pretty horrified and he started to get worried that i would freak out if i seen it closer up so he flushed the toilet immediately EVEN though i told him it was important for the material to get tested so the doctors can get a better idea of why i miscarried.

I still feel a little crampy today but not nearly as bad as it was last night.  Can anyone tell me if its over yet?  Was that larger, heavier clot what i think it was?  I go to the doctor tomorrow so she'll probably be able to do an ultrasound and tell me if all the material is gone or not.
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I am so sorry for your loss.  I am not sure if that large one was the baby.  I miscarried at 14 weeks but my son stopped growing at 11 weeks so it sounds close to your dates.  

With my miscarriage I didn;t know anything was wrong.  I had pick discharge on the monday which didn't get worse or better.  On Tuesday it stopped and then I had light bleeding.  It was light enough to wear one pad the whole day.  I had my midwife appointment and she couldn't find the heartbeat which didn't worry me.

In the afternoon I saw red blood but still not enough to worry, I went to the doctor and my cervix was still closed.  This was at about 12pm.  At about 3pm I went back to the doctor because I saw red blood she referred me to hospital assuring me nothing was wrong.  

I got to hospital at 5pm, I had no pains just a bit uncomfortable.  The nurse almost sent me home.  I waited in the waiting room and at 6pm I literally felt a gush!!!  I went to the toilet I was bleeding VERY heavy with large gold ball clots.  This went on for an hour before I was put in a room.  I changed 7 pads in one hour I was bleeding that much.

Everytime I went to the toilet I had several clots come out.  The bleeding was still very, very heavy like pouring out (sorry if tmi)  At 9pm I felt a lot of pressure down there so I decided to go to the toilet.  When I went to stand up I felt myself push and my waters broke.  The liquid went all over the floor and up the wall (sorry again)  I called to my husband and told him that the baby was in my pants.  I took my pants down and my placenta fell on the ground, it was about te size of my hand.  When I pulled my pants up my baby was still in my pants.  

My baby boy was just lying there in my underwear.  The nurse had to take him away because I couldn't bare to look at him again because I was shocked enough seeing him.  There are no way you could mistaken him because he looked like a little baby the size of my middle finger.  I saw his unbilical cord, hands, feet, eyes. everything.

After they took him away the doctor had to use the thing they use for a smear and pull all of the other clots out.  That was friggin painful.  I did have heavy bleeding and clots for another day to two days before the last clot came out.  I bled heavy for a week, medium for another week and spotted for a third week.  I didn;t get my first period for  5 and a half weeks.

I hope that helps with your experience.  I am so sorry for your loss
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just got back from the doctor!  She said there is nothing else in my uterus but some extra lining that will sluff away in the next few weeks.  Im so happy i dont have to get surgery!  Also i believe she said that i had a false pregnancy which is why there was an empty sac.  Does that mean anything negetive for future pregnncies?
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No I don't think it will affect any future pregnancies.  It was just something unfortunate that happened.  Goodluck with ttc again :)
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