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3 or more miscarriages

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for other people who have had 3 or more recurrent miscarriages.  I just had my 3rd and now my husband and I are having all kinds of tests done.  I am very interested in hearing your experiences and outcomes.  Have any of you gone on to have children naturally? Have any of you done IVF? How about adoption?  We are exploring all of our options and I would love to hear from others who are or who were in the same situation as us.  Thank you.
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I'm sorry for your losses. I myself have had 6 m/cs. I had one with my 2nd baby I lost her twin at 14 wks. My 2nd one was at 19 wks 4 yrs ago. I had a d and e and ended up with complications and had to have a d and c. I have 3 children, we wanted a 4th. Last yr we finally got pg and had 4 m/cs. Our last one was in sept of last yr. It was hell truly hell. We had all kinds of genetic testing done etc. I assumed I was having issues carrying due to the complications from my c-sections and ovarian surgery. I finally realized all last yr I had reoccuring uti's and although I was not told they were the cause I feel that is what caused the back to back m/cs last yr. With this pg I have had 4 uti's and I now have a bladder infection. Honestly sometimes there is not rhyme or reason why we m/c we just do. It could be a number of things uterine issues or chromosomal abnormalties or rh issues. You would think with all the technology we could stop a m/c or get more answers but we don't. I hope you get some. What does your dr think? Are you seeing a reproductive specialist or talking with your dr about the next steps to take? Best wishes to you and I hope which ever path you choose there is a bundle of joy in your arms. Take care and best wishes to you!

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First of all, I am so sorry about your losses. I understand that feeling and it takes time to heal and figure out what could be going on.
I just wanted to share that I have had 2 miscarriages, one at 5 weeks and one at 10 weeks. I finally became pregnant with my son and he is now a year and I am now expecting number 2. You never think it will happen, but God seems to know best in these situations. I never had any testing done (just didn't want to go through it).

I do have a friend who is 29 and experienced 3 miscarriages and they all occurred at the same time. at 5w 3d. She was devastated and finally saw a specialist who confirmed she had a tear in her uterus. She went ahead and had the surgery to close the gap. She just had her first baby a few months ago! So I just wanted to tell you that it can happen. Don't lose hope and hopefully soon you will have some answers. They can always recommend something or find out what could be going on. I wish you the best in the future!
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I am so sorry for your losses. I don't have anything to share about outcomes, but I would also like to hear from others about this topic. I have just had my 2nd confirmed miscarriage after ttc for 2 yrs, one was at 5 weeks and one at 6 weeks, but I suspect I may have had other early m/c.

The first year I was ttc, I was recording cycle dates but not charting temps. My doc had told me it's unnecessary - just have sex 3x a week, she said, and don't waste $$ on hpt, wait until af is 1 week late before testing. Bad advice! (I've since changed docs) That 1st yr, 4 of my cycles were 5-6 weeks long, and I never did a hpt. At the time I thought I was just having irregular periods, but now looking back I have no way of knowing if those were early m/c too. Since I started charting bbt, I see that my cycles are quite regular, so I suspect that they could have been, esp the 6 week one.

After the 1st m/c and ttc >1 yr, I went to the RE and had a whole slough of tests done. Everything normal. They said taking progesterone wasn't necessary based on the test results. The one test I haven't done is the dye test. A friend told me that she had 4 m/c before they did that test, and they found that she had a uterine fibroid that was preventing the baby from implanting correctly. After she had it removed, she had a successful pregnancy. So I guess that is the next step for me.

I'm also wondering if I should ask for other tests, and which ones. I have read that with 2 m/c in a row there is still a small chance that it was due to random chance, but once you have 3 it is most likely a physical or genetic problem that will recurr, esp. if you've never had a viable pregnancy. I think IVF could help to some degree if it's a genetic problem, because they can check the eggs when they first start growing to make sure it looks normal, they can test for some genetic abnormalities, and they can also implant multiple eggs which makes the chance of one being successful higher.

I have also read about some immune type of problems, either where the 2 parents' immune systems are so similar that they can't produce a viable baby, or where the mother's immune system attacks the baby for some reason. Does anyone know anything more about that? What kind of tests do you do for that?

Thanks for posting this. I have felt very alone and I don't feel like anyone I have to talk to about this that really understands.  -M.
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Hello there.   I just had my third consecutive miscarriage.  I am 39 years old.  We started going to an RE after my second miscarriage.  Every test in the book came back normal, so we tried progesterone suppositories and baby aspirin.  I ended up with a blighted ovum.  A six week vaginal us showed and empty sac.  Two more us over the next two weeks still showed empty.

We did a d&c yesterday because we want to test the tissue.  Depending on those results, we will likely look into options of really pumping up my system as much as possible prior to the next preg. or seeing a genetic counselor.

I have no idea what's involved in a genetic counselor or what our options would be for treating a genetic issue.  I am sure it would depend on the type of genetic issue.  Anyone have any thoughts on that???

I also do not know what our options would be to "pump up" my system as much as possible (as the nurse put it). if it is a random chromosomal abnormality.  My understanding is there is absolutely no way to prevent a random issue.

We will discuss with our RE after the test results come back.

I don't think that IUI or IVF (even with PGD) would help much for us.  From what I understand, if we are having a random chromosomal issue, it is quite likely with IVF that they would not have any quality eggs to mix with the sperm.  And IUI simply injects the sperm to foster pregnancy, which relies on random release of a quality egg.  Again, if I don't release a quality egg, then IUI won't work either.

Sorry if I rambled a bit.   I am soooo glad you posted this question.  I would really love to hear from others on this issue as well, as my hubby and I are trying to figure out our next step as well.

Good luck to all.  I look forward to hearing from you guys.  Please feel free to ask me any questions if it can help anyone.    Kris.
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