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3miscarrigesPCOS,METMORFIN,PROMETRIUMplease share ur stories

Hi my name is Vanessa and I am almost 29 years old.  My hubby and I had lost 3 babies in a row from March2011-Feb 2012.  All ended at about 7-9 weeks.  Feb 2012 DNC, gentic testing says baby has Triploidy 69 (69chromosones, 2 sets from me, 1 set from dad). Ever since then my periods became irregular. Last month diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism, blood work shows I am not ovulating on my own.  I was given 200mg prometrium for 7 days to induce AF and then on cycle day 21 take 100mg prometrium for 10 days to keep period on tracks.  My doctor prescribed me 500mg Metmorfin 2xday.  HE said it will help with weight loss, help with the PCOS and can help me Ovulate.  HAS ANYONE BEEN ON THIS MEDICINE AND DID IT HELP YOU CONCEIVE? HAS ANYONE BEEN THRU MULTIPLE MISCARRIAGES AND FINALLY HAD A HEALTHY BABY?? I am so scared me and my hubby will not be able to make a healthy baby together, and my OBGYN suggested that we may have to do IVF. At this time in our lives, IVF is totally out of the question, we wouldn't be able to afford it, and I wish she would have said that before us even trying ANY other fertility meds. She really freaked us out. We been trying for a baby for 3 years now, and it was my PRIMARY doctor who prescribed me the METMORFIN. I just really need to hear from someone who I can relate too and who can maybe give me a little hope that I will one day be able to have a child of my own. So if anyone out there has been thru similar situations please share your stories.  Also, doc said if the metmorfin doesn't help with ovulation and me getting a BFP, we will try CLOMID. I am just so scared that I will get pregnant again(since I have been In the past, 3 times) but ill miscarry like the last 3 times.  Thank you and hope I can meet someone on here who is going thru or has been thru similar situations so I don't have to do this alone.  My best friend and my closet cousin(who is like a sis to me since I am an only child) are both pregnant together Again with their 2nd and 3rd child, and it just seems like everyone around me is having baby number 1, 2, or 3 and Im the friend who has the great relationship, but who has lost all her pregnancies and the one who doesn't have the child and I get so depressed sometimes because even tho I love their kids and I am happy for them, deep down inside I wish it was me this time.. need some happy stories! love you ladies!
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I am so glad I came across your posting, but am also feeling bad for you too.

I have had 2 miscarriages so I know all too well the pain and heart break ur feeling. On my 2nd miscarriage I also lost the baby with Triploidy 69. This is no one fault and can happen to any women, but it's a painful experience to go through.

You got pregnant 3 times in less thasn 1 year, doesn't sound like a woman will ovalating issues to me. Miscarriages have quite an impact on the womans body and ovlating can sometimes be delayed, as ur period needs to settle and fall into a normal pattern again. You may find that your periods are longer and shorter than normal or your ovalation time will vary from one month to the next.

My friend has PCOS. She was almost in tears as she was told she probably was not ovalating and she did a test and it was discoovered that she was, but it was happening much later on in her cycle. In ur case having 3 miscarriages has obviously messed up ur cycles and ur body is sorting itself out. There may be a month that u may not ovalate but that can happen to any women due to stress alone. You went through 3 miscarriages and u must be stressed out and upset too. This must be really effectinh your body.

You managed to get pregnant 3 times in less than a year. If anything u found very fertile. It's the miscarriages that have left your cycles disrupted. Takes time for them to settle and this includes ovalating.

I would Highly recoomeng getting the clear blue digital fertilty moniter. sorry am typing fast i have lots to say to you. It's AMAZING.  With 2 of my pregnancy it knows when ur ovalating and it's accurate too.  With my 2nd pregnant if detected late ovalation and with my 3rd it detected very early ovalation. If I did not have this I would of missed my ovlation time!!!!!  Also on my Pregnancy scans, if showed that I did ovalate on that day so the moniter was RIGHT.

The pregnancy must have failed for other reasons. You found out why 1 of ur pregnancy failed, the other 2 could of been other chromosomes issues. Again this can happen to any woman.

I would get checked for blood clotting issues or for NK Cells. Google NK Cells. I was tested for this and tested positive. I was given Prednisone Steriods and was 3rd time lucky. I have birth to baby Amber on the 9th Feb 2014.

I will message u again later on.

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Sorry for all the spelling errors am typing very fast and this PC is  so rubbish. It's freezing alot, so when i type only half the letters appear. I will message u later on today.
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thank you so much for your response! My cycles have been normal this last 2 months and last month I think I ovualted.  It was a cheap ovulating test but i did it twice for 2 days and positive so hopefully i ovulated.  Didnt conceive, but gonna try again this month! email me anytime!
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