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Am I even pregnant still

I am 6 weeks pregnant at exactly 6 weeks the doctor said my baby's heart beat was 77 when it's supposed to be around 150. So when I went in the next day they couldn't find a heart beat or anything not even a flicker. But my HCG levels are still sky rocketing and I went to another doctor and she said Rey prolly picked up my heart beat and that it's almost impossible to hear or see anything do early in the pregnancy. I just want to know if my child is alive. I have had no bleeding at all but little cramping that's it
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Hello. 6 weeks is too early to see the heartbeat.  The second doctor that you saw is correct.  You should have another ultrasound at about 8 weeks or later.  By this point, they should be able to see the heartbeat but it would probably be too early for you to hear it.  It can be seen, though.  Try not to worry. I know that is easier said than done but stress isn't good for you or the baby.  If you have not had bleeding or cramping, I would take that as a good sign.  Don't give  up hope :)
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I have had 2 missed miscarriages & both times I had an ultra sound 1st at 5-6wks & the 2nd at 6-7weeks (I should have been at least 8 weeks both times but tech said these dates were not correct) & both times we saw the yolksac,fetalpole & a white dot flickering in the middle of the fetal pole the tech said this was the start of the heart beating although we could not hear it you could clearly very clearly actually see the white dot flickering very fast but weirdly the first baby seemed to be more developed & looked like a prawn shape where the second was only a fetal pole but the first should have been less developed according to the dates & how far along the tech told us we were, both times the baby measures between 2-3mm so so tiny but the fact the CAN see the starting of the heart beating kind of reassured me some what but sadly both times I had further ultrasounds to be told my babies had passed away & no heart beat the 1st baby only reached 7.5mm & the 2nd baby almost 11mm so even though both babies grew & they seemed ok the tech had said but in my mind I thought even at 6 weeks 2mm was very very small as some docs say they should be between 2-5mm but a viable pregnancy is normally veering towards the 5mm scale :( I knew though just knew as my uterus/yolksac was measuring correct to MY dates but baby was not keeping up & on both occassions the tech wrote on the letter to the midwife/doctor that they were NOT to date my pregnancy until a dating scan /ultrasound had been performed at 12+ weeks as the babys were far to small so they could not come to a correct definate agreed due date they were simply going by the size & measurements of the baby & his/her developement, sadly on the 1st occassion I was oblivious to these facts as I hadn't read up on sizes or measurements ect. & at my follow up scan baby was dead no heart beat & with that I had to be given a bunch of tablets & pesseries to induce miscarriage as they were almost sure my baby had passed away not long after the ultrasound meaning it had been dead almost 5 weeks :( the 2nd baby I had a further ultrasound & again all was ok but baby measured still 2 weeks behind but heart beat was very strong ect & I was given a later due date but some time after I began bleeding heavily after sex so I was given another ultra sound the following day to be told my baby was still there but had no heart beat but like before my cervix was still fully closed my body didnt realise I was no longer carrying a viable pregnancy they offered me the same treatment but I refused this time & after 3 weeks of waiting I miscarried naturally.So due to these 2 sad experiences I will always worry till I know the baby is growing properly I don't even think a heart beat so early on will ease my nerves as I know from experience this is not always the case where a good outcome occurs! I knew both times I should have been further along than 6weeks as my periods were very very regular & spot on I can tell you the day & time I should come on & I also knew the exact dates of conception as my husband works away so I knew when exactly we had sex & hense my reason for knowing I should have been many weeks further ahead to what the ultra sound was saying yet I still had a small hope it was all ok & baby was just a slow starter but sadly these pregnancies were not be but I myself would love to know why my babies did not develope properly or survive that would defo put my mind at rest! one day I hope to have another baby but my daughter is 8years old & the fact she does not yet have a brother or sister gives me very little hope so if it happens then it happens , thats the way to think when it is meant to be it will be otherwise relax take your time & enjoy trying otherwise it simply becomes very controlled & the stress is a big factor in preventing pregnancy our bodies have a magnificant way in preventing something which the body believes will cause more stress well thats my opinion but who knows? Take care & I do hope you get pregnant very soon just as I say take it one day & a time :) Love Helen xxx
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