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Am I experiencing a miscarriage or epostic pregnancy

So I'm a 21 years old female and am married. Me and my husband have been having sex but 2 months ago he ejaculated in me so I took take action (knock off of plan b) I didn't have my period that month. The following month, the same thing happened and I didn't have a period for that month. Last month my breast had been constantly tender and had only stopped just this week and that's when the brown discharge started happening. I put in a tampon because I know at that point its just old blood. But then this morning I woke early around 7 in excruciating pain. It felt like an amplified version of craps in my lower abdomen/ uterus. I went to the bathroom to find more brown disharge and a small clot or two. After cleaning up and going back to sleep I woke up again around 8 in the same pain so I again go to the toilet and at this point it was bright red blood a small clot or two. I put in a new tampon and took ibuprofen and called my mom to see if she knew anything about this. She didn't. I would still fill the pain come in and out about once every 15 minutes.

After consulting my local nurse she said it's probably just an agrivated period and worse case scenario, it was possibly a miscarriage. I agreed. Well about an hour ago, the pain came back and I felt wettness through my underwear so I went to the bathroom to find my panties soaked in blood and I pulled the tampon out, dropped it in the toilet and proceeded to clean myself. It was a mixture of brown and bright red blood. As I'm trying to wrap up more tissue to clean myself I feel blood dripping out of me. At this point I am stunned because my period is typically never this heavy to where it's dripping out of me as I am changing the tampon. However, I continued wrapping up some tissue to wipe and I look down slightly in the toilet and caught a quick glimpse of a large blood clot drop out of my vagina, the size of a paper mate pink eraser. I didn't get to further explore it or see what it really was (it couldn't have been my tampon because I already pulled it out) because it had gone deep down the chute so I couldn't see it. It was definitely a deep red and looked like a clot but I'm just not sure what it was. At this point I am still feeling the pain come in and out but it is no where near as excruciating as this morning. On a scale from 1 to 10 its probably about a 4.

Any way, what is wrong with me?

Also if this helps, I've been experiencing heart burn quite a bit lately and I never had it before in my life. Does this have any contribution to this issue?
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This is so awkward. 2 months with no periods then this are the results. However, i have questions to ask. Did you test for pregnancy during that period? The 2 months of missing your periods. It might be a serious case. If you do nit usually experience this. Then it can mean that you are having a miscarriage. Let me first help you to note what a miscarriage looks like. You will be having some abdominal pain. Then the blood will be super heavy. You will also have big chunk of lumps. this is probably the baby's body parts. Now that i am not in your case. It is yo who can tell what it is. But according to the pain you ate going through. I really cannot say that it is normal periods. You can go to the hospital. Get checked to see what the problem is. You might be losing a child and you are unaware. If you are a regular persona. Then it means missing periods for just a months should mean something else. But if you are an irregular person it will be hard to conclude. It also seems to me that you have never had a miscarriage befo0re. This is the reason you are shocked of this results. Kindly right now just be calm. You should not conclude anything. Till you get a confirmation from the hospital. It is only in a clinic that you will have  a sure results.
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