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Am I miscarrying or should I get more tests?

July 7th and 8th my husband and I had sex. According to my Flo app, I was to ovulate on the 9th. My period was set to happen and never came. 14 days ago I took a hpt (home pregnancy test) because I was 3 days late. It was negative. 7 days ago I took another hpt and a blood test for Quantitative hCG levels. My hCG count was 3 and the hpt was negative again. I started feeling pretty faint and had a bit of a fever this day too, but I drank some Gatorade and felt better almost instantly. Fast forward to today. I was 17 days late, so this morning I took a 3rd hpt. Once again it was negative. This evening, I started feeling very bloated and my entire abdomen was aching, pulsating, all at once. Then I felt flutters in my uterus and this is what scares me. According to a pregnancy tracker, if I was, I would be 6 weeks 3 days today. Anyways, I went to the bathroom and seen mucus-like brown discharge with very very VERY little blood. I think there is tissue in it, but it's hard to tell. There is hardly anything there unlike my last several miscarriages. I also never felt fluttering like this as crampy aches and a pulsating abdomen. I don't know what's going on. My cycle is an exact 28 day cycle except for the 7 pregnancies I had (6 miscarriages). What could be going on? I heard of women who didn't test positive with blood or urine for up to 3 months and had these exact same symptoms but I am SO full of doubt anymore. Should I chalk it up as a loss and not think about it anymore? I don't have anyone to discuss this with so my emotions are bottled up while I work 55 hour weeks and spend all of my spare time with my son (8 now). I don't get to really cope if I did lose another one
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