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Amniotic Fluid Loss

I apologize if I am in the wrong area for this....there were many choices and I would also like to know if there are ways or something to prevent this if my daughter should happen to decide to try a 4th time...

Hi, My name is Tj.....my daughter recently lost her third baby......her first in 2004.....was because of a Septum dividing her Uterus in two.....which therefore caused early labor but the baby a girl was only 5 months along and of course did not survive......My daughter had two operations to correct the Septum.....(after taking medication to put her into menopause to cause less or no bleeding during the operations)......she waited a year and got pregnant again.......at the 5 months  she lost all of the amniotic fluid but retained her plug and her cervix was still closed....it was suggested she abort (not knowing that some of these babies will survive but are born earlier but some may have complications and not survive due to their lungs not developing...).......a second girl......apparently a 1 in 500 chance of this happening........she got pregnant again a few months later ....at 4 months was told she was having a boy ...we were hopeful.....then  again at 18 weeks she lost all of her amniotic fluid but this time rather than aborting....continued on with hope..and on bedrest...had steriod injections at 24 weeks..and had weekly appts. at the High Risk Center having an Ultra Sound and seeing the Doctor on call.....At 27 wks. and 3 days...labor started ...she gave birth to a 3 lb. baby boy......... his lungs would not balloon in the time alloted and he was put on life support until I arrived to be with my daughter & SIL....then he was given to us to hold ....during this time he managed to cry 3 or 4 times...and appeared to be breathing....we were told that he was only gasping....and that sometimes babies like this do manage to cry............there were five babies born to that particular High Risk Centre that survived the odds of not having any amniotic fluid.......one in particular that survived came at 25 weeks.....I cannot figure out or understand why this happened to my daughter twice.....I can understand the septum causing her to lose the first baby.....but why amniotic fluid loss a second time.......I am really looking for answers...so my daughter can make the right choice whether to continue or give up.....It is very difficult because these babies were all considered viable and had birth and death certificates, and were all laid to rest in a graveyard......it is so very, very sad ...thank you  I am praying for some answers......If you need more information please do not hesitate.....Also she took Materna before and during the pregnancy and my daughter is in excellent health except she is overweight......
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I'm so sorry for your daughter's losses. I can't even imagine. I'm not sure if it will continue to happen. I had severly low amniotic fluid with my oldest daugher and had to have an emergency induction. If it wasn't for the fetal movement test I wouldn't have know and god knows what could have happened. My baby my youngest daughter I sprung a leak in my 7th month and she was born sick but they could not tell me why they didn'[t think she would survive she was in the niccu in mass general for about 4 wks. I live by the philosophy that every pg is different and really anything can happen. What have her Dr's said? My daughter's pg's and problems with the amniotic fluid were a fluke thing. There was no correlation between the 2 pgs and complications. I wish her the best and I hope you find some answers on here. Your daughter is very very lucky to have a mother like you. Your heart is very much into being a mother and a grandmother. Best wishes to you and your daughter I hope she has a little baby in her arms soon. Take care and let me know what happens...
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According to the doctors the 1st baby could not be saved because she went into labor and of course no one new she had a septum in the first place......2nd baby they said it was 1 chance in 500.....and 3rd baby were very surprised that it happened the second time.....the doctors say they do not know why it happens......some babies do survive if their lungs have developed enough before the amniotic fluid loss.....however usually deliver earlier than term....however mostly they recommend abortion.....before 24 weeks when all the fluid is lost completely....my opinion...is that a babies lungs are not developed enough before 20 weeks....so there is a very slim chance of survival if carried to 24 weeks and beyond....thank you.....my daughter is very special to me.....because I almost lost her at 8 weeks.......(apparently she was a twin....and I lost the other one)....and she stayed......we do not know for sure but this is what my doctor told me at that time 30 plus years ago.....
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I'm so sorry that your family has had to go through such tragedy. It sounds like she is a miracle herself. What does she think? She is already a mommy and nothing will ever change that. I do think that if that happened to me I would not give up until I had too...but I'm not in her position and I don't know how truely devestating it is to lose three babies later in pregnancy. I do know a lady on another site who had 3 m/c for 2 different reasons and is now 30 weeks pregnant with her 4th pregnancy. I do believe in miracles and I know you all deserve one after all of this. I will keep you and your family in my prayers...
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I am so sorry for what your family is going through, and as I read your post, I have to admit the tears it brought as I too lost my son at 18 weeks, due to loosing amniotic fluid due to premature rupture of the membranes (PPROM). I did read and researched some articles, and learned that she can be stiched (a sugical cerclage) due to losing fluids, as it will hold the baby and the fluids in. I suggest she talks to her doctor about this, and learn about your options but she can't give up, ( we have to continue in having faith)  My prayers are with you, and welcome to our circle. ; )
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I guess in her situation it could not be stitched because it was never mentioned....I do not think that they can stitch the sac which is already very thing.....but I have heard of a stitch to keep the baby in when someone is subject to losing their mucus plug.....

Often in cases where a membrane ruptures .....it can self heal......why it did not I have no idea.....thank you for being here for me..
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My water broke at 17 weeks and i lost most of the the water before i reached the hospital. My CRP and infections levels were little high and was induced to terminate my first pregnancy which i concieved after 2 yrs of hope. I was also a PCOS patient and was on metformin for almost 18 months. It has been very traumatic to lose my little baby even when the heart beat was very strong after 8 hrs of the water loss. Docs suggested that we had no other option but to terminate as the baby would not survive without the amniotic fluid. Docs also said that this was rare and unheard of. But, seeing so many people go thru the same traumatic experience on this link, can we arrive at a common cause of this?

I am desparate to know the reasons which causes this PPROM.
Is it linked to PCOS? I was on Met and Susten 200(progestrone) till 12 weeks of my pregnancy. I am 31 yrs old, 5 ft and was weighing 73 Kgs when concieved. The growth of the baby was absolutely normal as per NT scan. I was on bedrest till 12 week of my preg. But had rejoined office and working till the day my water broke. What can induce this otherwise normal preg. Can stress or food stuff cause this? I am worried as for my next preg.

If we could dedude the reasons for ealry pre term water breakage shared between us, we can help ourselves for the next preg as well as others.
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Im 23wks along and my water broke at 20wks 5days. doctor sent me to hospital then sent home put me on bedrest and gave me 2antibiotics. my ultrasound showed low fluid at 21wks 4days. they were able to tell that the kidneys are functioning and the heartbeat is good. was told even if baby born at 24wks it would have 10% chance of survival. went to ob appt and hearbeat good. had a little loss of fluid before appt and he said it may be a good sign but hes not painting a picture of hope. have to see maternal fetal medicine wed and based on his recommendation the 2 doctors will make a decision on what to do. im standing firm on the word in faith. i was born at 5 1/2 wks and had no problems. God didnt give up on me!
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I am a nurse working in maternal health and I have seen women come in with PPROM. The dr keeps them on antibiotics and complete bedrest until the baby has matured enough to get the betamethisone it needs to mature its lungs. I have seen women carry these otherwise healthy babies to term and deliver them without complications. Every pregnancy and every woman is different and brings different circumstances to the table, but ladies don't give up. If labor has started that is one thing but to induce and force a healthy baby out of the womb is not the answer. I know sometimes we panic and do what we think is right because the docs are telling us what they think, but we need to make decisions based upon our own research. The level of amniotic fluid present at any given time is constantly changing being replenished with the liquids and nutrients we take in. For those woman who are having this happen in recurring pregnancies, you may want to look into a treatment called amnioinfusion. It is designed to replace the fluid lost in these circumstances. You may have to look for a specialist, but it may provide the precious outcome you are looking for.......Good luck to all.
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