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Any one with Advise!!!!

      To start off I will tell you my sister and I are 13 months apart... Are babys were suppose to be 3 months apart.. I am 19 and this happened last year...I found out I was pregnant for my first time in November and my sister was already prego.. . In Dec. I found out that my tube had burst and had to have surgery right away cause I was dieing, I had an Eptopic pregnancy.... My sister had her baby May 2nd and mine was suppose to be due in July or August... My left tube is scared up and they told me to get on birth control right away. .. So I got on implonon then had it remove a week later... Then I was taking some birth control pills .. But I soooooo Want to have another baby ... they told me that the chances of me having another eptopic pregnancy was really HIGH.. then went in and Had to have a Pap and they told me that I had to have 3 biopsys done ... they told me that the resolts form those were mild cancerous, and 1 might be moderate cancerous, but they usually cure them selves, I have to go back in August to get looked at again,,,, I JUST WANT MY BABY!!!! I am scared and I stopped taking the pills I just hope that I don't have cervical cancer and that I can just have 1 normal healthy baby boy some day ... Does anyone have any advise they would like to share with me... Thanks  CLOVER_888
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I'm sorry for your loss!!


This website will give you information on what will happen more then likely if it doesn't go away on its own.  Its unlikely that it will turn into cancer unless you don't go to your appointments to have in monitored...I went through the procedure(about 7 years ago) for correcting it if it doesn't go away on its own. I also had to take bc. I wouldn't worry too much. But I would definately follow the doctors orders on taking the bc pills or you could make the situation worse. You are young and still have plenty of time to have kids but you need to let you body heal and get to normal or you may risk having another etopic and losing the other tube. Then it will make having kids harder. I understand you wanting on after lossing one but it just doesn't seem like it is worth you trying now and causing possible further harm for the future. Hope I helped some
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Thankyou for your advise and for your consern, are you expecting, is that what your anxiouslywaiting stands for .... I know Im young but this was the first time I was prego, and my sister I was talking about is younger than me and It is still really hard for me to hold my neice and not thing about, how big I would be right now and how excited I would be in only a month or two... now i have to worry about if my cervical situation is good or not when I go back in august, instead of haveing to recover from pregnancy, and being extremely Happy!!! Its just really hard right now and I think about it every day... how different things would be... I just really hope that one day I will still be able to experience and bond with my own baby... I hope all is well with you and yours and I hope you have a blessed day ... Thank you again...
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No I am not expecting my husband and I are TTC..I just had a miscarriage last month the week before mothers day(it was my 1st pregnancy) and my grandfather passed the same day.  So I know exactly what you mean..this past month 4 of my friends have had babys so trust me I know...one just had hers a few days ago.  You just have to remember everything happens for a reason..even if it is something bad, something good can come out of it...like you finding out you had these issues so you can correct them for the future? That baby may have just saved you life..
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I am Really, Sorry for Your losses, and what you have and are going through!!!!

I am really glad that you are talking to me... I have 1 friend who is prego, another that possibly went and had an abortion, so we haven't been talking, and another who had her baby and it died... last year as well.... I am so greatful that I can talk about this stuff with you it is really hard... this is all  I keep thinking about and I really can't talk to any one about it.. that I know.. you know what I mean.. So thank you for being a great friend and for helping me out .. at least by being able to talk about how I am feeling and stuff .. You know.. If you ever need any thing I hope that I can help out some how or another... Thanks again.. and at least you are able to see the positive in things it is still really hard for me to think about that sometimes... And your right that baby did save my life in more than one way... So thank you so much for Just being you and  for being here for me as well.. have a good night girl and sleep with the angels...  CLOVER_888
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You can send me a message anytime you need to vent :)
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