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Bit of a heartache

Hubby and I don't seem to have a problem getting preggers, it's keeping the baby that's the issue. I think I've started another miscarriage. This one is pretty early, I'm only a week late but I'm really regular. Even though I haven't taken a pregnancy test I knew something was going on because my uterus was getting all crampy and full-feeling, and it was a lot more noticeable than the first time I got pregnant. I figured, "Ooh this one is a strong on, but don't get your hopes up." Hubby was getting excited! But a few days ago, as I was pondering buying a home pregnancy test, that full feeling in my uterus left. And I started getting the so-called "Mittelschmerz" again which first reared its head during my first m/c, and never quite left but is stronger toda. My left ovary feels swollen, last night it hurt to bend over, and the left side of my back started to get sore. I started bleeding this morning, well, discharging at least. We had sex last night, and in the past my dr told me that fertile women tend to have a thin bit of tissue outside their uterus that can get bumped during intercourse, so spotting is normal...but she said that during my 1st exam during my 1st m/c. Here we go again. I'll make an appt for the dr this week and get a proper pregnancy test.

Is there anyone out there that's living in the UK? Do the GPs or gynecologists monitor hormone levels? I didn't get a blood test last time. I did get several u/s which didn't see anything unusual.

First pregnancy went until 6 weeks, my current one is probably a chemical pregnancy. I'm trying to be rational but after my 1st m/c I had a sinking feeling I was going to have issues with this  :(  It's just that kind of day today. I bought a chocolate croissant for myself.  Thanks for listening.
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Hang in there I know it's frustrating to not have an answer right away.  I did have light spotting after intercourse with this pregnancy when we were in the first trimester.  It was a lot different though than when I miscarried.  As it was just light pink and discharge v/s bright red bleeding that was a heavier flow.  UK doctors should test your levels if they do blood work and you can always request them to do so.  It was the first thing they checked on me when I went in to the ER with my miscarriage.  Keep us updated.
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Thanks! I've been and gone to the dr's and bloodwork checks out as normal, which is great, but the lupus anticoagulant test results aren't back yet. I'm getting antsy!
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Definitely keep us updated.  Glad you were getting a good checkup at the doctor and bloodwork done.
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Sorry I didn't respond to this- after waiting for about a month and making repeat phone calls, I finally find out that the bloodwork for lupus anticoagulant was never done because I'd only had 2 m/c. The clinic said to carry on and "have fun" (er, thanks) and that everything is probably fine. So far so good actually, am waiting on the hospital to set me up with a 1st trimester u/s  :D  Fingers crossed, fingers crossed.
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oh that is awesome let us know how the first U/S goes... I think that is the most nerve racking one because you can get so worried.
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It is but the anxiety of getting to the hospital is horrible- not because I'm afraid of what the scan may show, but because I'm so nauseous I don't think I can keep my cookies down on the bus ride/car drive over   :x
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I had the same problem with vehicles. Try taking a book or something to read, I find if you take your mind off the ride, it isn't so bad. Good luck!
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omg I get sick when I try reading in a car.  Sipping on soda for me helped.  I am not a huge soda drinker, but ginger ale and crackers saved my stomach on many of occasions. Keep us posted and try to relax :D
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Hi ally c
I recently had 2 miscarriages too.I am so sorry for your loss.I found out my thyroid was a issue an progesterone.maybe it might be worth for u to get yours checked too.I am like u can get preggie easy but cant seem seen to keep babies. it's really heart breaking to go through.I am trying to conceive again I am on medication for thyroid so I'm hoping I'll be third time lucky.I have to get blood test again today to check my thyroid level as 6 weeks ago it was too high.I wish u all the best.
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Thanks hun, luck seems to be on my side this time around (I'm 8 weeks pregnant) but I'll definitely keep your thyroid advice in mind. I wish you the best and hope your next go will be a keeper. It's nerve-wracking.
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I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you, I know I was on pins and needles for the first trimester now here I am 34 weeks and I still get nervous, lol

Keep us posted I will be thinking of you.
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