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Blood type and miscarriages

I have done a lot of research and found some that says that "Blood Type O carries anti-A and anti-B antibodies and rejects anything with an A-like or B-like antigen. Type A carries anti-B antibodies, and Type B carries anti-A antibodies. Only Type AB carries no anti-blood type antibodies, which is why Type AB individuals can receive blood transfusions from anybody." I at first thought that this only applied to o- but several say both o-+ so which is it. My dh is o- , I AM O+. i ASSUMED that we would be fine but now i have had two m/c. firstone my water broke after i broke out in a bad rash 2 days before. Thesecond was going along fine and then just all of a sudden the heart stopped beating for no reason.  The drs cant explain it. They say my body is doing everything it is suppose to. This is just bad luck. R they correct or is the research correct and i need to do something so my body want build antibodies against the baby?

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Hi, I am O- and I just had a miscarriage last week, the doctor said that because I am O Rhesus - I needed and anti D injection just in case my baby's blood had escaped into my blood stream. The only way you can have trouble with this is if, A. You have had a miscarriage B. you have delivered a baby before. I have had an anti D injection with every baby I have had, I think it is standard practice. I don't know if your first miscarriage was your first pregnancy or not.
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Yes, my first Mc (3months) was my first pregnacy. I then got pregnant 5 months after that and it also ended in mc( 2 months). I will have to ask my dr about that shot.

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If you are o+ you can carry a rh negative baby with no issue.  If you were o-, you would need to pursue the injection.  I would look into other miscarriage-related issues.  Antibodies to the baby tend to get the most play time when looking at information from reproductive immunologists, but it is controversial.  I'm sorry for your losses!
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