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Breast issues

Ladies I have a question and I don’t want to seem dumb. I just got off my period like yesterday was the last day where I was spotting lightly didn’t really bleed per say. Here is my question. Since my miscarriage ( I have had 3 cycles since including this one) my period have gone from 28 days clock work to 30 to 27 days no biggie though. But now today on day 7 of my cycle my breast are so full I mean full full in the bra and have a hard feeling to them. I know darn well I can’t be pregnant I had what was a normal period. 1 day spotty, 1 day light 2 day heavy, 1 steady day and then the spotting now day 7 gone. What could be happening that my breasts are like this? I have never had this even before ovulation they have never felt this way. And they are usually this way right before my period starts and as soon as my period comes they deflate ha-ha which they did this time and then like day3 they swelled up again and never went back down they keep getting tighter in the bra and more swollen any input or experience with this???  
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I have had a few periods where that happened but personally the only time that usually happens is when I'm pg. I would talk to your dr and see what they say. You are not on any type of bc are you? I wish I could be more help I'm not sure the ony thing I'm thinking is maybe it's left over from the pg...I'm sorry for your loss.

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no not on any BC and this is my 3rd cycle since my MC and i reached zero on my HCG in a matter of days of having my mc so i am confused thanks anyways :)
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I don't have an explanation for you, of course, but just want you to know that I also had several unexplained breast issues and everything was normal - ovulation on time and AF on time. So I think you shouldn't worry about that too much, although I agree it would make me wonder too. I am sorry for your m/c... I have been using an ovulation monitor and it really helped to put my mind at ease, since I know what is going on with my body every day. It might not work in every situation, but I think it is worth looking into. Good luck and I wish you healthy pg!!
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After I had my baby I didn't get my period for 9 months. After it came back I had very odd PMS symptoms some months. Lots of pain with ovulation, very very sore breasts, oily skin, heavy bleeding that sort of thing. I think it's all to do with your hormones getting back into their regular pattern. A year later things were back to how they were before the pregnancy.
I think your body is just readjusting. Give it some time.

Take care.
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Dont worry about your breast.....I went thru the same thing when I had my mc and I thought I was pregnant again seeing how thats the only sign of pregnancy I had when I was pregnant. I agree with Pum.....it may be your hormones and your body trying to adjust and get back to normal. I had my mc back in Jan and my breast just got back to normal on this months cycle.......so either give another cycle and see what happens or talk to your doctor about what the possibilities may be.....but Im betting on the hormones trying to get back to normal in your body....
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