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Cycle Buddies - Happy Valentine's Day!

It's official, we are filling up 2 sheets of paper !   Here we go again:

Erica/Pisces - CD46
smr/Lori/Virgo - CD36 (8 days late!)
peterjl/Mary - CD31
7preg3b - CD30
Queenspade/Jenn/Scorpio - 11DPO
GMB/Gina - 10DPO
popcorn/Julie - 9DPO
mommyoftwo - CD28
nina2249 - CD22
hazleyes/Amanda/Cancer - CD20
Steph/Cancer - CD20
EmptyInside/Brandy - CD19
bam/bridgette/Aquarius - CD15
mikaleen/Aileen/Libra - CD15
nmenyo/Nicole - CD13
LadyM84/Lisa/Taurus - CD3
Aliciaandtrue - CD2
nunu - sorely missed

And as Aileen so eloquently put it:

Mapes - 21W/Blue
AP/Jenny/Leo - 18W/Blue
Tiger63 - 16W
Dani/Cancer - 16W
pat4rod - 14W/blue
CacyMichelle - 12W
munter - 12W
AShmcc - 10W
Latrice - 9W
avik7 - 6W
StephNP09 - BFP
kgokgo/Niki/Virgo - BFP

Here's to some SSBD as we continue on in the month of LOVE!
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Look at all of those BFP's!!! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

I have a question for all of you..How early do you think implantation bleeding can occur. I woke up this morning and have some spotting. TMI alert. It is really bright and not much at all. I am praying so hard that it is implantation bleeding!!
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I have my fingers and toes crossed Steph that you get a BFP soon.. I am not sure how soon implantaion can start.. but you never know maybe it is..  :0) keep us updated Happy V-Day everyone...
693804 tn?1304724074
Bridgette- Great job once again! I don't know how you do it. Hey! I'm catching up to Erica.

Steph- I never had I/B , but I sure hope thats what your having! Good luck
589816 tn?1332980371
You ROCK bam!
I don't know what to think. My bbs went from being really sore the past few days to barely at all today. I don't have any cramping at all and I just went to the bathroom and there is only the tiniest bit of spotting now.
Lori- How in the world are you not testing? LOL
Amanda- I'm working on it :P We're still BD'ing everyday just incase.
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yes i am doing so still but im probaly not gonna get BFP this month I just dont feel confidetn b.c this is first af since m/c soo I guess i will see :0)
182926 tn?1273015992
Wow you are good..  BFN so far..  but its only 7 or 8DPO..  will wait another week and test again..  Just got a new job though so not so sure its good if I am pregnant.  But I truly feel it will be blessing    
623156 tn?1322869451
Bam- Nice job! Thanks.....Hugs,
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Good job Bam

Congrats to StephN and Kgokgo

Steph, i think it really depends, i thought it had to happen like within the 6-12 days, but there was a woman on here who had implantation bleeding and 4dpo, and is still preggo, so i guess it can happen that early.  Good luck i got my fingers crossed for you.

Happy V-Day to everyone:)
589816 tn?1332980371
Thanks Latrice. I really hope this is it. It's over a week before AF is due. I have been looking it up all over the place and I have seen some that say as early as 5...This would be lots easier if I knew exactly what day I O'd.
7preg3b- Good luck!
Amanda- You never know! Look at how many are getting BFP's right after their m/c's now. Keep your eye on the prize!
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Kgokgo: Congratulation!! That is so great!

I can't believe how many bfp we have had this month so far. I hope I don't get left in the dust... I don't feel very confident that its gonna be my month. I have been having dreams every night about being pregnant or actually having a baby. Its so frustrating to be thinking of that even when I am trying to sleep.
Last night my dream was that I was getting an ultrasound and there were 7 embryos growing, 4 boys and 3 girls....weird.

Lori and Erica:  Any news with you girls? I hope something good!

Happy Belated V-Day!
693804 tn?1304724074
Julie- Bad news for me, AF showed up 8 days late on Valentine's Day:( Hopefully next month!
640548 tn?1340556955
Well, I hope everyone had a good roductive Valentine's Day.  I'm still depressed over your bad news Lori, but I hope those 2 drinks helped mellow you out a little =)
I hope I'm O'ing on my normal schedule this month, because that would mean today.  We managed to get some BDing in Friday and last night, but DH woke up with the tummy virus at 2 am and while I was at the store getting him gatorade this morning DD threw up all over our feet in line.  Needless to say today is out, but I hope that the past 2 days and maybe tomorrow will keep me in the game.  (Unless I O'd realy early this month...which has never happened before day 15)  Good luck to everyone!
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