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Cycle Buddies 11/20

I am not sure if I got everybody right. But here we go...

mapes- 9wks pregnant
ap- 5wks pregnant
tiger63- BFP
asia- 12wks pregnant
dani- possible BFP (fingers crossed)
steph- CD36 BFN
mrsmurphy- ??
nunu- CD15
bam- CD14
leah- CD13
yogachick- TWW
cacymichelle- CD9
pat4rod- CD8
latrice- CD6
7preg3b- CD5
erica- CD5?
peterjl- AF
kgokgo- waiting for first AF
nickswwife- waiting for first AF
popcorn799- waiting for first AF
pips- waiting for first AF
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yip you got me correct.
im going to the dr tomorrow for ANOTHER ultrasound. im so sick of this. i still have pain in my lower abdomen that i thought would go away after AF but didnt. its not as bad as before AF but its there and i know that's not normal. the nurse said that after the ultrasound the dr may send me to have a scope put up there. I was so worried that it would hurt like when he had to open my cervix but she said i would have to be put under.
I just want the pain to go and things to be back t normal.
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Great job Steph.  Thanks so much!!  See it's no so hard ;)

nunu - that really stinks that you still not feel 100%.  You must be very frustrated.  But I still have high hopes for you cycle buddy :)
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nunu- I'll say a prayer that it goes well. It is horrible that you have had to deal with so much since your m/c :(
bam- Thanks! I tried to go through all of the posts to make sure I had it right. I know you're busy and I had the time to do it. It is a lot harder and took longer than I thought!
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Thanks again Steph.  I start out by writing everybody down and putting those whom I knew (mapes, AP, you, me, nunu . . .) in right away  Then I scroll down the post looking for the newbies and any updates.  Whoever is blank, then I go check their mood or their O Tracker.  It's great when it's right in the mood :)  Then post.  It does take a few minutes!  Honestly, if I could figure out how I wanted the formulas to work I would start a spreadsheet to automatically update everyday.  Hmmm . I'm gonna have to work on that one.  But I would need everybodies average cycle length and average O date, I think?

So tonight driving home I was thinking about what if we didn't have this forum?  What would our DH's or DF's do with our constant chit chat of TTC, OPK's, HPT's, AF and off topics?  What if we told them as much as we tell each other, as often?  Then I imagined them having their own forum - "DH of a TTC Wife".  What craziness would the DH's tell each other.  I could see my DH write something like - "My crazy DW came home today insisting that she needs to PIAC.  I couldn't understand why, since she is O'ing.  What do you boys think?  Do I need to bd her tonight or not?"

Just food for thought . . .

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Ha too funny. My dh would be on the pc all night typing out long hand he would be clue less with the abbrevs! Ha! My guy gloats more about the lunches I pack then getting to bd everyday we ttc. He went on and on to all his guys at work about how I do the laundry and cook and I clean and how I'm his bff. Cute but no recognition for initiating bding like all the time. Come on guys live for that stuff! Ha! That was def food for thought too funny! My guy would have a forum called dh's who are ttc whose dw's make awesome lunches! Or dh's who are ttc who get bding everyday but would ratther exchange recipes!!!! I just told him and he laughed his but off.
Ps thanks bam I had a really bad day and you really made me laugh.; Thanks
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LOL - you're post was too funny!

Hang in there honey and try to relax.
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Hey ladies, how is everyone, and welcome to the new ladies.  I think i have some cycle buddies Pat, Erica, and 7preg. Im CD6 and AF is packing her bags, hello Ovulation CD16 lol.

Bam that was so funny. I dont think i would want to no what DF be saying bcuz i think at times i drove him up the wall with ttc.  One cycle we did it every day, 5days b4 ovulation all the way threw 5 days after ovulation.  He was mad that i had a BFN, he said he put in so much work he was having me pee on the stick like r you sure its negative, it cant be negative you should have trillions and trillions of little swimmers fighting over the egg, lol(well obviously, they didnt make it lol)

Im glad we do have this forum, bcuz you guys are the only people who dont mind hearing the same thing over and over where other people see it as a broken record.  Ive seen the question why did i have a m/c, when will my cycle start after a m/c more than 100 times and ive replied to them. That is amazing that those questions dont sound like a broken record.

Bam how r u enjoying the weather, it was freaking cold today sheesh.

Step im so sorry AF has not showed and that you still have a BFN

Nunu- hope you feel better soon

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CD37- I give up!
Bam- That's pretty much what I did. I was more afraid of missing someone, but it looks like I didn't..so far...That was too funny.
AP- How funny is that! Cooking is my passion and DH would be just as pleased with a frozen pizza as a gourmet dinner....I get more satisfaction for cooking for others instead...
Latrice- DH thinks the same thing everytime we BD so much w/ no BFP :D He'll look at me like, are you serious?
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I'm afraid to leave the computer incase Dani gets on...LOL
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HEY!  ...thanks steph...I wish you guys were HERE so much!!!!

my husbands blog on the forum would say..."my crazy wife is REALLY making me pee in a cup and take a pregnancy test"  Wow, it amazes me how rational I am normally, but this whole TTC thing has made be loco the past 6 months!!...ooo he just came in and I told him I need him to piac..he is in the bathroom right now but doesn't think he can pee under so much pressure...he also asked if he could just pOas.. these $ store tests come with a hitch!......OK so I'm back...he's not pregnant LOL!  no line at all.

steph, great job with the list...that's some serious work making that list.  How many days late for AF are you now???
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Well that's good he's not pregnant...Although you would be rich if he was...lol
According to my longest cycle I am 3 days late. My boobs are still sore, I am eating constantly and actually lost 2 lbs, and I have the worst heartburn ever this week! I am so confused that I am actually crying...I just left a message for the nurse to call me and see what she says.
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Thanks Bam so much. Yesterday was just a long day and I make it worse with my worrying and my inability to relax.....AAAAAAAhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I'm so afraid to m/c. How is everything going?

Steph Are you ever late for your period?

Dani too funny it's amazing what we can get our men to do! Ha! How are you?

Gmb how are you feeling?

Nunu I haven't talked to you in a while how are you?

Tiger How are you feeling?

Mapes have you had a dr's app or u/s recently?

Everyone else have a great day!!!!! Lots of baby dust to you!!!!
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Steph- Do you think maybe since you've been sick it has really just messed up your cycle this month?? Thank you for the cycle buddies!

Congrats to all the newly pregnant ladies!!
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thanks steph!! how are u feeling...well i took two $ store tests and got bfn....so it looks like we failed this month....i am depressed....holding back the tears til i get home from school.................
mapes how r u?
army...feeling good?
nunu hows the pain?
\bam....when do u think ur going to o? or do u think u did?
dani...much love to you and your dh!!! congrats!!! :)
blessings to all!!!
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Wow ... amazing how fast these threads fill up.

All who are bfn and late or close to AF and going crazy...  I feel for you!  I am only 12 days since the bleeding stopped (4 days from blood test that said 10 hcg) and I can't stop wondering when AF will come and what day I should count from to expect her.  Do I count from the stop of the bleeding, or from when I think the hcg dropped below 5?  And how long from when the hcg drops below 5 ... is that when I ovulate so 2 weeks?  Ahhhhhhhhhh!  I know you guys can't tell me, and that it's different with each m/c, but this *****!

Ok ... so I'm done stressing!  Well, at least done verbalising the stressing!  LOL

Congrats to all those that are prego and will continue to pray that all goes well!
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Hang in there buddy! I'm really sorry you are so upset. Ifr you need to vent I'm here!
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I don't know what is happening. I know that this has got me stressed out now which could have something to do with it now. I have an appt. for bloodwork on Monday. DH is at work and I have a sick son so I can't go in today.
GMB- I know what you mean. I have been doing a lot of research on BFN's and still being pregnant. All of them have said that if implantation happens late you are likely to get BFN's for over a week after AF is due. So don't give up hope yet!
Pips- I was lucky and got AF 34 days after the day of my m/c. I have heard that sometimes you might not O on your first cycle. I'm not sure though.
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Steph I have heard alot of women say that clear blue gives alot of false neg results. It is more common than we think. I got a neg hpt a week and a half ago after getting a pos one.
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Steph I hit send by mistake. Okay so after taking 3 more hpts all pos I went and had blood work done. The only brand hpt I swear by is ept. I haven't gotten a false neg or pos with ept.
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Thanks AP, that's crazy. I can't wait to find out what's going on. I don't know if you remember me writing about the other AF's since my m/c. But everytime I started spotting almost a week before AF got her. I have not had a drop of anything...Patience is not one of my strong points :D
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thank you for all your support...i just want to go home and sleep
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Steph, we live in the realm of not having patience.  I don't even know if/when I O'd and I'm already waiting to PIAC :)  I agree with Cacy, maybe being sick messed up when you O'd?

GMB, hang in there.  I know how disappointing the BFN's are.  But with Dani's good news I actually have a renewed hope.  I'm sure if we ask she'll send lots of good baby juju our way.

Pips, one thread we filled up in less then 24 hours.  It was crazy.  I had a natural m/c and got AF exactly 4 weeks later (counting from the first day there was significant red blood).  I know you can O before first AF, but don't know any statistics or anything.

AP - try not to stress so much!!  Enjoy your pg!

Update on me . . . I'm super busy at work so I can't check in nearly as much as my addictive personality would like me to - (steph, dani, nunu - I couldn't even get my crops planted yet today, just harvested them so they wouldn't die - ha)  I don't know when/if I O'd so I'm really confused.  We are bd'ing LOTS more then usual when TTC, so I'm hoping DH's swimmers are doing their thing!

In the words of AP - TTYL
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Bam thanks. I hate complaining about being nervous because I don't want to seem like I'm ingrateful. I for whatever reason can't chill out! If I could take an adavan I would. I'm going to look into yoga! I need to relaz and I can't seem to do it on my own. Ha too funny in my words! I will ttyl....lol! I'm glad you are bding more. That is how you do it. Especially if you are unsure when you od. You don't want to miss the window. Good luck bam I hope you hava bfp soon!!!!

Pips...I have read that women are most fertile after M/C for the first 2 weeks from the day the bleeding starts. I'm not sure if it changes if there is a d and c etc. Good luck to you.
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Steph me neither. Patience does not come easy for me except for the kids that is it! Net wed can't come soon enough! I hope you get a bfp. Go get another test and see what it says!!
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