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Cycle Buddies 2/25

This one's for you bam ;P We were on our way to 200 posts before the day is over! I hope I got all of you :D

peterjl- CD42?
hazeleyez/Amanda- CD31 finger's crossed!
bam/Bridgette- 11dpo finger's crossed!
mikaleen/Aileen- 12dpo
nmenyo/Nicole- 10dpo
Emptyinside/Brandy- 7dpo
elisha123- 6dpo/CD19
smr08/Lori- CD12
Lady84/Lisa- CD14
Aliciaandtrue- CD13
mialvan/Maria- CD13
queenspade/Jenn- CD9
mommyoftwo/Mandy- CD9
nina2249- CD8
Cari227- CD8
7preg3b- CD6
GMB08/Gina- CD5
Popcorn799/Julie- CD4
Steph- CD3
sakers1985- waiting for first AF
Natalie- waiting for first AF
nunu- taking a break...hopefully be back soon
Erica- chillin...

Belly Buddies
Mapes            22W/Boy
AP/Jenny            19W/Boy
Tiger63            17W
Dani            17W
pat4rod            15W/Boy
CacyMichelle        13W finding out the sex today!
Munter            13W
Ashmcc            11W
Latrice            10W
avik7              7W
StephNP09            5W6'D
kgokgo/Niki           5W5D
nickswife           3W5D  
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Morning All!! At work, bored to death! Thought i'd check in to see how everyone is doing
I'm waiting for my customers from he**!!!

Steph- Great job! It was starting to take a while for things to load.
715068 tn?1392937132
Thanks & Great Job!!  I am praying for a bunch of BFP's this month!!!!
715068 tn?1392937132
Lori....you beat me this morning!!! LOL  How are things with you?
589816 tn?1332980371
Hey girls! It looks like a lot of us will be testing in the same week this coming month!
669150 tn?1320690733
Great job Steph!! Come on girls, I need belly buddies!!!
552389 tn?1280549808
Hey guys.  Sorry I've been MIA lately.  I've been reading but not posting because life is CRAZY!!!  I have been at softball tournaments and getting ready to turn in grades, my son had the flu last week, and I had to go for an urgent visit yesterday because of pelvic/cervical pressure.  Luckily things are doing well and it's still a boy!!!  I love the new tickers, and I have to admit that I have blushed while reading some of the recent topics at work lol!!!  Hope everyone's doing okay today!!!  We need some more BFPs soon, so bam, hazeleyez, mikaleen, emptyinside let's hope we get good news soon!!!
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Bam, Lori, and Aileen- I'm sorry I ddin't thank you right away. I was so tired yesterday. I want you to know that I think you are so supportive and sweet. Monday was a really hard day and yesterday you made sure to see how I was doing. Thank you.....

Everyone else thank you for all your support as well. I hope everyone is doing good!
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Thanks for the new post, Steph.

So I couldn't hold out anymore and I tested this morning at 12 DPO with a $ store test and got a BFN.  My temps are still up over 99, but I think that's normal for me in the luteal phase anyway, though my coverline is 97.9.  I have terrible heartbearn from everything I eat (of course I've been eating junk), and I thought yogurt was supposed to help with heartburn because it has calcium?  Not too optimistic, but not over until the stupid COW moos.  Good luck to everyone!
650416 tn?1274715095
awesome job steph....thanks for the post....yes..alot of us will be in the tww 2g............ahh..the torture.....so heres a question for all of you who will be ttc here in the next week or so...what method is everyone going to try..if any??????
589816 tn?1332980371
Erica's b-day is Friday!!!! Do we have anymore b-days coming up??

Aileen- I'm still counting on you having late implantation :D I usually drink a little bit of milk for heartburn..
mapes- Is everything okay? My sister has had that really bad this pregnancy...
589816 tn?1332980371
Gina- I'm going to try to chart my temps and BD every other day...

Brandy- I hope your day gets a little better *HUGS*
650416 tn?1274715095
so bd everyother day as soon as u can start..or just during that time?
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