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Effects of a D & C

I had a D & C on Tuesday last week (nearly a week ago) and I have been experiencing some very strange turns.  Occasionally I feel similar to just before the general anaesethic made me unconscious.  They last for hours or most of a day.  These turns are usually accompanied by headaches.  Is it a hangover from the anaesthetic?  They administered a lesser sedative before the general... could it be that?

Occasionally (after the 24hour required wait period) I have had a glass of wine with dinner.  These turns have mostly occurred the morning after having a drink. Could it be related to alcohol?

On Sunday I had 3 drinks with lunch at a restaurant and on the way home I experienced severe stomach cramps and had to run to the toilet.  By the time I got there I thought I was going to pass out, I had the runs, I felt like vomiting and I had a severe hot flush and had to take off all the clothes I could.  It happened a couple of times on the way home, less severe the second time, and I was fine when I got home except I slept for 2 hours.  Could this be related to alcohol? Anaesthetic? The sedative drug?  Hormones?  Food poisoning?

Should I have waited longer before drinking?  Can the recovery period for anaesthetic be much longer than they tell you?
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I'm sorry for your loss. I'm not sure what pain meds you are on if any but I wouldn't drink while taking them. You can have side affects such as the ones you are describing. It could also be from the anasthesia as well. I would try to take it easy and if the symptoms continue give your dr a call and get checked out. Do you have a follow up app if not I would def make one. A m/c is a very traumatic on your body so that is why resting and staying hydrated helps you recover easier. It is hard to say when your body will be back on track since everyone's experience is different. Most dr's say within a couple of weeks after a d and c you should be back to normal activity as long as no complications arise along the way. For now try to take it easy. Best wishes to you, I'm here if you need to talk!

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Thanks for your comment.  I am not on any pain meds.  No meds at all actually.  Only drugs I take is a cup of tea with breakfast!  I have stopped drinking for now to see if the symptoms continue.

I have a follow up appointment in 3 and 1/2 months! I don't know why.  I plan to be pregnant again before then, but that's the date the hospital set.  No one has given me any advice apart from an information sheet just before the procedure which told me what not to do 24 hours and 7 days following.

Some people say that you should refrain from TTC for a few months afterward.  I don't know about this officially.  My family doctor is expensive so I will only see her if I need to, and the hospital appointment will be too late for such advice.

Does anyone know what is generally recommended by doctors about how long to wait?  Is there anything wrong with TTC within a month?

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I'm sorry to hear of your loss,  I can't really help you with the D&C portion since I've never had to go through with one.  All of mine have been natural except for the first one which I started to m/c naturally but they also gave me a shot to be sure that I had a complete m/c.  

My last m/c I was 5 wks and the one back in Nov last year I was 9 wks.   Each time the dr has suggested that I wait at least 2 months before ttc again.  This helps him get the dates right and gives my body time to get back to normal before trying again.  

I know and can understand that the older we are the faster we want to ttc again since we feel that we are running out of time.  I'm 36 so when I m/c last month I wanted to become pregnant right away and didn't even not try.  Didn't happen for me though so we are trying this month.  

I'm here during the day if you need to talk.  Also on the pregnancy 35+ forums too, I find a lot of advice there for women that are in the same situation and age.  
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