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Foley catheter pregnancy ultrasound

I was forced to have a saline filled Foley catheter ultrasound when I was 3 months pregnant at the hospital. I was also made to have a swab test checking for std's because I was bleeding).  Later that evening I couldn't pee, like a brick was on my bladder, and Ipaced the floors for hours until I could. I shivered for 3 days in bed and felt tremendous pain, and bled continuously (was bleeding at hospital but they said the baby was okay). On the 3rd day I returned to the hospital and lost my perfectly formed baby and placenta on the hospital table. I had to be blood typed, transferred to a different hospital, given I've clindamycin, and Iv fentanyl. I went home once I was somewhat stable against doctors wishes because I was distraught. My baby was sent to pathology to check what happened to us. I was sent home with medicine to clamp down my uterus, doxycycline, and hydrocodone. I stayed anemic for over 6 months and couldn't donate blood etc. The hospital "messed up" and didn't do pathology on my baby, they measured my baby's feet and hands, weighed it, then incinerated it in the hospital waste. I was not able to bury my baby obviously and I didn't get the answers to my questions. My lab work said I had a high while blood cell count, toxic granulation, low bun, and low creatine. That was 2012. I want to know if anyone else thinks what happened is suspicious? The forced Foley? The forced swab exam? On my hospital records it doesn't say I had an infection, but it's clear they were treating something! Does anyone have any idea what happened to me? Could the foley/bladder/ultrasound or the swab have killed my unborn baby?
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I'm very sorry for your loss.  This sounds a little bit like a regular miscarriage if it happened at 3 months which is about when the 'danger zone' for that happens and you were bleeding/spotting when you went into the hospital initially.  

Were they using the foley catheter for ultrasound because they suspected you had a uti?  UTI's are really common during pregnancy. I do see the confusing point that the foley catheter causes the cervix to dilate a bit.  

I honestly don't know.  I can tell this still hurts so much and you just want to understand. You could take your records to someone to thoroughly look over, paying them to do so.  You would hope no one would falsify anything to protect themselves but I'm sure that happens.  I do know that almost everything we do has 'inherent risk' that doctors aren't responsible for. Example--  if you have a laparoscopic hernia repair and they cut your intestines.  That is inherent risk.  The issue of malpractice comes into play if they do not do the necessary procedures to catch it or do not follow up when you show signs of sepsis.  I know this because this is how my mother died. We did have a lawsuit but not because of the botched surgery and slicing of her intestines but because the next day when she had classic signs of sepsis, the doctor did not follow up. He also altered medical records and his nurse testified against him. More info than you need but I learned a lot at that time about what constitutes medical error.  It wasn't what I thought.

anyway, how does your doctor explain the happenings?  

Have you gone on to have any other children sweetie?  This is very traumatic.  I'm really sorry it happened!  Would a counselor help to talk to?
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Hey there.  I just wanted to check in on you and see how you are doing.
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