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Gestational sac too small-Lots of m/c questions

July 5th, had spotting.  July 6th u/s revealed 6w embryo with strong hb of 146.  Continued spotting and then progressed to some slightly heavier bleeding with small clots continuously for a week.  2nd u/s on July 14th saw embryo 6w 4d and small gestational sac.  Still a strong hb at 140 bpm.  Bleeding is heavier today so that I need a pad and not just a pantyliner.  Intermittent cramping, but not yet severe.

I've had a previous m/c 6 years ago that I went through "naturally".   And things are progressing like that did.  So I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm probably losing this baby.  I've had 10 days of bleeding to slowly realize it.

1.  D & C versus taking the pill (misoprostol?)-  For those of you that have done either of these, will you share your opinions.  Amount of pain?  Bleeding?  Recovery time?  Would you make same choice again?
2.  If I miscarry this baby, this will be my 2nd m/c.  However, I have also had a healthy son in between the 2 m/cs.  At what point will the dr. think I have a fertility problem?  
3.  Did any of you get pregnant the next cycle or two after m/cing?  If so, did you have another m/c or a healthy baby?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
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I just went through the same thing. My u/s on 8/25 showed the baby at 6w1d (should have been 7wks) with a 120 bpm heartbate, but the sac measured at 4wks. My hcg and progesterone levels came back very low and not increasing. :-(

I miscarried yesterday and am still cramping and passing clots today. Hopefully this will be over with soon as it's been a really rough few days.

I did a bunch of research after getting the small chorionic sac diagnosis. The primary cause appears to be a major chromosomal defect. Knowing that my baby likely had such a severe problem has made it much easier for me to get through this. I'm sad but hopeful that we are able to have a healthy baby next time around...
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I had the same thing happen on August 5.  I had some light brown spotting on 8/4 and the nurse said it's old blood and not to be worried unless it was red.  Well, the next morning, I had red blood.  I went in for an U/S and baby was measuring at 6w4d; however, the sac was only measuring at 5w6d and the heartbeat had dropped from a health rate on July, 30th to a low 95bpm.  I miscarried around 11pm that night.  I have been looking online to see what some possible causes of this could be, but I haven't found anything yet.  If anyone can enlighten us, that would be awesome!
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I guess I should add that on July 14th, should have measured 7w4d.  The embryo was measuring a week too small and had only gained 4 days in the 8 days since my prior u/s.  
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