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Heavy Bleeding, Long Time, Miscarriage

I started bleeding real lightly 4 weeks ago. I thought it was a period. I have always been really irregular, having my period once every 4-5 months. I went to the doctor Friday and they told me I was pregnant. It was either early stage or I was having a miscarriage. I had a miscarriage.I don't know when, and the doctor said it could have been any time in the last few weeks. However, I am still bleeding as bad as, if not worse than before. I just wanted to know how long a woman should bleed after a miscarriage before getting worried? I am also cramping worse now than before, and I am worried about that as well. Tylenol does nothing for it. Any help would be greatly apreciated. We are still in shock. We did not even know we were pregnant. Thank you.

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I miscarried in early November.  I was still bleeding On Christmas day.  SOme days it was spotting and some I was pouring blood.  I called the doc a lot and was assured a miscarriage  natural)  can last a long time
good luck
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Once I had the ultrasound that confirmed my baby was gone, the rest lasted a week. Heavy bleeding one day, clots, cramps, and then tapering off. I wonder, how far along were you? If you were several weeks you may need an ultrasound to make sure your MC is complete. Tissue can be left inside and infection can occur. I guess it's different for everyone, but if it goes on too long, you might ask for a D&C to clean your uterus out. Good luck, and I'm sorry.


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If it continues I would call the doctor back   sometimes a D&C is required
Sorry for your loss, Many of us here have experienced losing a baby by miscarriage it is devastating.
My first we lost at 12 weeks but I do have three wonderful children and in time Im sure you will to.
Best wishes
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hello, thanks for the postings.  They helped today.  I had a miscarriage yesturday and was looking at the internet for anything to occupy me.  My cramps are terrible today.  I was only 6-weeks, but this is still very depression for me and my husband who doesnt seem to know what to say.  He just looks sad.  Anyway, I am also dizzy as hell.  Does anyone know how long it will take for the pregancy symptoms to fade?  My chest still hurts and I feel like I am holding tons of water=not pleasant.  Thanks for the postings again.   -TINA
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I had a m/c just this past may...i went to the ob/gyn the day after and i had a clot stuck in the cervix which was causing prolonged cramping and bleeding (per the dr)....after she scraped this out my bleeding slowed down as did the cramps...I never had the d and c....:)
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I had 2 vaginal sg's done, and neither showed anything in my womb. I did not even know I was pregnent, so I have no idea how far along I was. Thank you for all of your support and help. I am sorry for your losses as well. I am trying not to think about it....I guess we are still in shock. Anyway, thank you.
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