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Help..Had unprotected sex only 1 week after D&C

Doctors say to wait 2 weeks before having unprotected sex after a D&C.  

My story: I tried to miscarry naturally, but a month and a half later, I was still bleeding.  Doc said I needed D&C to rid rest of tissue.  4 days after D&C, I have absolutely no bleeding (prob. cause most of it came out within that month and a half of me miscarrying naturally).  I waited 4 days after having NO bleeding to have unprotected sex with hubby (still under the 2 week mark).  I'm now scared 'cause I have a little discomfort in my lower abdomen area.  Am thinking it's because I haven't had sex in almost 2 months and the penetration from hubby is what is causing this?  I'm scared that I have maybe ruined my fertility.  

Has anyone out there had sex before recommended wait time?  
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Lots of people do it however you may want to contact your doctor since the reason they say not to is because they want you to heal completely and since it is still under the 2 weeks mark its possible that you could get an infection from sperm getting in there. I was told not to have sex until I hadn't bled for at least one week. Again though your doctor would know best.
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HI my name is shapay and i miscarried jan 3,2008 and had unprotected sex february 3, 2008
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I had unprotected sex ten days after my d&c and felt slight pain. My doctor told me this is just because the cervix can be swollen or tender from the d&c still and if your husband ejaculates into you it can caz an infection. I waited a couple of days and the pain dissapeared. I was feeling a little strange 4 weeks post d&c and too my surprise was pregnant again....got pregnant 14 days after d&c.
You got pregnant 14 days after D&C , sounds so good. Was that pregnancy a successful one?. As doctors suggest to wait for three months to conceive again, otherwise there is higher risk of miscarriage. I am in the same situation these days. Had D&c 11 days ago. It was my first pregnancy that ended in miscarriage with fetus age of 8 weeks. We are not having sex because of fear of infection. I really want to get pregnant again very soon.
Kindly help me :-)
Congratulations good to hear ur pregnant hope everything goes well. I had sex 10days after my d&c hope i get lucky and have a healthy pregnancy this time. Its been about 15days since i had it done.
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I just had a dnc four days ago. I only spotted a couple days an now not spottin. Had sex with husband and have slight pressure. Should I be worried. Emotions run high after losing something so precious as our baby.
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HIya I had to have a d&c on the 8th feb. It was the date of our 12 weeks scan but when we had the scan they found that our baby was measuring 8 weeks and the heart wasn't beating and our baby had passed away. This was awful and not what we expected at our 12 week scan. me and partner had unprotected sex on saturday 13th feb and I had slight pain...I only bled the day I had the d and c and the day after but hardly anything at all after that I didn't need to change my pad throughout the day. I am worried now after reading some posts about infection as I didn't even think about it after having the antibiotic after the d&c I assumed that would protect me....Any adive as to what I should do? Do I need to go doctors and explain it to him or? thanks
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Hi...I lost my baby at 9 weeks...had a d n c on 7/8...my fiancé and I had sex on 7/18 but he didn't ejaculate in me (tmi)...my doctor said to wait two weeks but emotionally we both needed to be close again. I started spotting at week 6 so we couldn't have sex for three weeks during the pregnancy...that was just way to long. So far after I feel fine. I had no discomfort during or after. Hopefully all remains well.
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i am really freaked out i had unprotected sex with my hubby last night its only been 5 days since my d&c is it possible to get pregnant that quick i am scared to take my meds just incase thats a possiblity... please help
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It is possible to get pregnant anytime after a d&c. I too had sex five days after d&c with the hopes of getting pregnant again. Talk about your concerns with your doctor and do what you feel is best for your body. Hope this helps!
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I went at my 11.5 week ultrasound andtenet couldn't hear the baby's heart beat outside of my body so they did a vaginal one and found out that my baby stopped developing at 8.5 weeks. I had the d&c a week ago today and I want to have sex and can barely bare not to. I think I need that affection to help cope. It has been a week almost 8 days since my d&c and I'm not really bleeding but every other day and it isn't heavy at all. I spotted a big clot a couple days ago and if I wouldn't have had the d&c I woulda said that was my miscarry I read in here that that's ur body gettig rid of all the other tissue that they didn't get rid of but now I just spot light brown blood. Can I have sex even if they advise you to wait? I'm taking birth control now and he will pull out! Please advice!!
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i had a d&c on the 31 of december a today is january 3 and i really want have sex now what should i do
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Wait for at least two weeks I had one on Jan 9 13
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I had D&C on Jan 30. Went from my post op visit Feb 8 (9 days after) doc told me I was OK to have sex.  SO we did.  We or at least I really needed the bond with DH. I feel it helped me a little bit.  I was scared he wouldn't want me anymore.  

I am a little scared as he did not pull out! doc wants us to wait to try again until my april cycle! OOPS
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I had a d&c Feb 5 I lost the baby at 3 months I had intercourse today and I felt fine but scared I did it two days before my two weeks were up ..i felt as if my hormones were going wild me and my husband have waited longer then two weeks to have sex because of having to heal after having my girls ..but this time i felt as if i needed that affection after losing the baby ... was it a big no no or just me helping myself
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Pls help...... I had sex four days after the op. Have bin bleeding since den I was thinking it was my cycle but note my doc told me I will start seeing my cycle next month but behold I saw it d following evening after d op nd had sex four  days interval... Right nw am scared of wats happening to me it's bin over five days nw nd am still bleeding.
Pls help
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I had sex four days after d-c no bleeding no pain did I mess up anything
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Been a week after my d&c an slipped up an had sex what can happen??? An he nutted !!
What ended up happening yayababy?  Were you pregnant?  Some women are a bit more fertile right after they've been pregnant.  Wondering what ended up happening.
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