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How come!!!

It's really difficult I work as a nurse in addictions services..... Methadone clinic... Anyway I m/c between Monday and Thursday  was 6 weeks gone..... Went back to work on Friday and three my clients pregant from over Xmas period!!! So unfair their body's in bits using drugs drinking and taking what ever tablets they can get!! Some not even knowing who fathers are, one girl is near 20 weeks and didn't know !!
I just feel cheated and what kinda lives are these poor kids going to have!!!
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I understand how you feel on this subject. Last year I experienced 2 early miscarriages in a row and have no children. Both babies were planned and am married and have my own house, so I did it all perfectly.

Health wise am quite slender and a non smoker & never touched a drop of drink while pregnant, but it still happened.

Theses silly young girls are not blessed even though we feel they are. A woman who is truely blessed appreciates having a child and will love him/her will all there heart and soul. That's what I call a mother. I would sadly say that you and I have been very unlucky and life has throwen us some cruel blows, am not sure what this happened, but it has and it's very  unfair and harsh.

However if i do finally have a child, i will appreciate this blessing even more, but i can't go through a 3rd miscarriages, am heart broken enough, but i understand what ur saying and sometimes i do get angry, but i also realised if if you don't see or appreciate ur blessings in life, then ur not truely blessed.

look after urself and takecare

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I understand you feel cheated & upset I have too suffered 2 missed miscarriages one after the other & 2 many years before those luckely I have a daughter aged 8 years old! Without that blessing I wouldhave gone insane!
I worked also in an addictions service within the UK & also seen the same things but I was feeling as you were then, so sadly I left as I myself could not nor can you work in these situations.
Sadly these things are common place within the addiction services! I only 2 days ago I spoke with a woman whom I dealt with previously & found out she had only recently given birth to a son whom had been taken straight away after birth thankfully he is not suffering any withdrawals (as yet) but she also stated she has missed every contact visit during the holidays & the first court meeting which deaply upset me as I could see she wanted the baby but the drugs & drink ect. had taken on such a hold of her life the poor baby just came second or maybe third or fourth in her life if at all at this time in her life!
I do accept they plunder their bodies with all sorts of useless rubbish yet still they manage to carry to full term or long enough to have a semi healthy baby as most do suffer withdrawals ect. its so unfair but thats life unfortunately & thats the job you chose as did I an regardless of what they do with their bodies & still get pregnant we cannot let that affect how we feel about our job or those we help in doing that job! If you genuinly feel this way how can you expect to help them without some small feelings of jealousy(Iwas jealous as hell!!), anger, & complete distaste for their behavour coming through as thats doing no one any good least of all yourself & these women as they are obviously with your clinic for a reason & regardless of what they are doing they deserve 110% from you or any one else working there & I feel that won't be possible from you the way you are feeling thats why I left as it was not fair on me to get so worked up seeing them do this time & time again! Its also not fair on them as they are most defo not going to get the full level of support from you or I when we are feeling so angry & no matter how hard we try to keep these feelings hidden it will get the better of you, why not try a less stressful position within the clinic or another job working in a similar field but maybe with addicts who have cleaned up & been drug free for some time & are moving onwith their lives who simply need a different level of care possible just aftercare, sorry if you dont agree but I had to say this I hope you manage to carry full term & have a healthy baby soon & you feel better soon too! Love Helen xxx
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