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How long did you bleed after your miscarriage?

Hi everyone,
I am currently 4.5 weeks out from the start of my 2nd miscarriage. I did the "natural" way this time (but used cytotec to induce the bleeding and passing of tissue b/c I had a missed m/c and my body wasn't responding on its own). Anyway, I am still bleeding daily after all this time, and my question is, has anyone else experienced such long-term bleeding? Actually, for the last week it hasn't been red blood at all, but rather is just this dark brown discharge that is there every time I go to the bathroom. It's not heavy anymore, but it's there daily. I keep thinking it will stop, but so far it hasn't and I am getting so frustrated. Why is it taking so long? Most online sources say the bleeding should stop by about 2 weeks, and I am now at 4.5 with no sign of stopping. Has anyone else been in this boat? I feel like I want to move on, but it's impossible when every day I am given this physical reminder that I am still actually miscarrying after more than a month. I was only 6 weeks pregnant when the baby died (but we didn't catch it until more like 9 weeks). It's amazing to me that such a small fetus could cause so MUCH bleeding for so long. So frustrating.
On top of that, my hcg was still over 1,000 a week ago and is apparently taking its sweet time going down. I feel trapped and stuck and desperate, and yet there is nothing I can do to speed things along. I feel even more eager for it to end b/c we are going to have a full work-up of tests done to see what might be wrong, but we can't do that until my hcg is back to zero.
My first due date is coming up on June 30th and it just breaks my heart. Friends who are pregnant and due around the same time bring me so much pain. I have trouble looking at them in their joy and excitement, when here I sit, still bleeding from my SECOND loss in the span of their one pregnancy. It just all feels so unfair.
To top it all off, I gained about 10 pounds b/w the 2 miscarriages and none of my summer clothes fit. It just adds insult to injury, really.

Anyway, sorry to whine so much!  My real reason to write was to ask if anyone else experienced bleeding for so long after their miscarriages. I read about everyone else being done in 2 weeks with their hcg back to zero that fast too and it makes me cry. It just seems so cruel to have this part go on for so long. :(
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With ur hcg still being at 1000 a week ago sounds like u are still retaining so tissue and may need a d&c.  I would see ur dr again and have an ultrasound and another hcg test to see if that is the case. I understand what u r going through.  I also have had 2 m/cs.  Im sorry for ur loss and good luck to u.

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