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How long do you have to wait to have sex after a miscarriage

I know this is a crazy question, but I was in such a daze after my DNC yesterday I forgot to ask.  I have a call into my doctor to find out this answer but have not heard back yet and I am hate waiting for answers.  I know my DH is going to want to know when he can have "it" again.  Does anyone know when it is safe to have sex again after a miscarriage and DNC????  :)
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i was told 1 week but honestly and this may be TMI - we had sex about 8 or 9 days post D&C and I was SUPER dry and it hurt. I normally do not have a problem with dryness so i think it had to be the hormones. i was also told no baths or pools for 1 week. I guess since the cervix is open this can cause infection.i had my D&C on July 1 and I'm just starting to feel normal. good luck and sorry for your loss.
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I was told 2 weeks .. if I was still bleeding after that ..to wait until the bleeding stopped .. I asked if we could use condoms but the answer was no .. I ended up with an infection at the end of the first week and bled on and off for 2 weeks so there was no way we were going there anyway

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I was told four weeks but I didn't wait. I want to be pregnant again as soon as possible so I went ahead and did it as soon as the bleeding stopped 4-5 days later. I won't lie though it hurt a lot and caused more bleeding. So I waited a day for the bleeding to stop and did it again. It went on like that for a few days. It's now been two and a half weeks since the d and c and it almost doesn't hurt anymore. I'll be honest, I feel very different about my body. Sorry if this is TMI but I don't want to be touched romantically. I just to have sex and get it over with. I have no desire for sex, I just want a baby. My husband's happy becasue he gets sex every night. He just doesn't know I usually end up crying downstairs afterwards while he sleeps. I feel like my body is gross. A morgue. I tell you that not to make you worried about the same but to warn you not to push yourself, I think I did it before I was ready and now I hate it. I never hated sex before. Take your time until you are physically and emotionally ready.
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I was told by the hospital wait 4-6 weeks before having intercourse but I couldn't I tried but gave in after 2 weeks and it didn't hurt it just didn't feel "right" but after that it was fine they tell you to wait becuse you risk getting an infection I would atleast wait 2 weeks to be safe
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