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How soon can you TTC after miscarriage?

I recently suffered a miscarriage at 8 weeks. I induced the expelling of the tissue by getting a prescription for Misoprostol to help speed the situation. My body was not recognizing that the pregnancy wasn't viable. I cried for 2 days straight before deciding on taking the medication vs. the D&C. My doctor said we could start trying  1 month or after my first AF.  Has anyone gotten pregnant before them & had success?  I am wondering if they recommend that you wait for medical healing reasons or if it's due to emotional issues. Does anyone know?  
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A few friends of mine have had a miscarriage and a D&C.  They both got pregnant either with the first cycle or the second cycle (depending on when they tried, one tried after  the first and the other after the second).  They both went on to have healthy babies.  

I was told to wait 3 cycles due to emotional reasons.  After doing a lot of research and talking to friends who've had D&C's found that you really should wait one cycle (although many women have gotten pregnant before the first cycle and have had healthy babies from what I read).

From what I read, by giving yourself one cycle that allows your body to make sure it expels anything extra that was in the uterus and also gives you a LMP to help determine due date.  Also I read that fertility monitors aren't accurate before the first cycle because you could still have hormones in your body from the miscarriage.

As of now, my husband and I plan on waiting a cycle before trying, because emotionally I couldn't bare not to be pregnant and have another child.  Also, I made an apt to meet with a midwife this time around to see If I want to use her as a dr this next time around, I plan to ask her opinion on when to TTC as well.  That apt is on the 23rd.

When I asked my last dr (OB) why 3 cycles and what if we tried before he basically said that if I did for some reason have a miscarriage that I would blame it on not waiting long enough to try.

Honestly, if you are healthy and had no other miscarriages (this was your first) then I've heard that it's not as big of a deal, however some women have other health issues and do need to wait longer to try again.  Also if its past the 12 weeks that the baby passes then I've heard you do need to wait longer as well.
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Hi, I had a miscarriage 3 wks ago, they told me to wait until 2 cycles as the 1st one is always not a true period and waiting for the 2nd one can determin the due date better. I had a natural miscarriage and after the scan they told me everything looked bk to norm. I am hoping my period will be here nxt wk and we are not waiting for 2 cycles we are going to try as soon as I  have had my 1st cycle as I know I will only be happy again once I am pregnant. However it is different for each person, it depends on if your miscarriage was natural or not, whether everything has passed and is bk to norm and abut you as awhol i.e. how you are coping etc so I suppose only you know how you feel emotionally but physically is all back tonormal inside after the scan?
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I'm okay I think. I haven't cried in 2 days which seems silly to some people but I have cried so much lately. I feel fine. I am now just spotting. I know I passed the sac on the first day b/c I actually saw it. It was mortifying but then again, I was glad to know that part had passed. The doctor said I needed to come in for weekly HcG tests to make sure my levels are dropping properly & the day after the sac had passed my levels had gone down more than half. I am hoping next Monday when I go in they'll be down even lower. I don't want to wait if it's only due to emotions. I have been more than ready. We weren't actively trying when we last got pregnant but we weren't using precautions either. Now that this has happened, we are more than ready to try again. I was just curious to what others have gone through. Again, this was mt only miscarriage with no warning signs until the ultrasound showed an empty sac. The only thing I worry about it the lasting effect of the Misoprostol that I was prescribed to induce contractions. I didn;t have a D&C so I don;t know how much "healing" my body would need.  I;'m so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is. Most people have been wonderful but I really appreciate hearing from people who actually experienced it as well. I keep trying to tell myself it could be worse but I want so badly to speed up time so we can be pregnant again. Good luck. Keep me posted. And thanks for replying.
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I just thought I would update you on the past week of what I've learned etc.  I meet with a midwife and she said that after a D&C you should wait 2 cycles (I'm sure it's different if you didn't have the D&C since they scrape out the lining during the D&C).  so far I've heard three different stories from three different dr's.  The first said 3 cycles, the second said 2 cycles, and the third said to wait one normal cycle (Told by the dr who did my follow up apt).

My husband and I feel comfortable waiting to try once I get my next period as It should be here some time this week due to when I believe I ovulated.  That would put us at one normal cycle.

I'm glad your feeling better and I understand the need/want to just try again.  Did you like your dr?  I guess after the past few weeks I think the best advice that I got and took to heart was to talk to a dr (if it's the last one or a new one) and see what they'll do to help me feel better during the next pregnancy.  Since you had the miscarriage I'm sure you'll be worrying the entire time, try to find a place that helps make you feel more comfortable.  The midwife (A certified nurse midwife) that I meet with I have decided I really like.  Once I find out I'm pregnant I'll be seeing her as soon as they get me in.  She has evening hours so they work with my work schedule.  She also does an ultrasound at every apt if she doesn't hear the heartbeat (that's the gold ticket item for me!).  She also has the first visit an hour, and every other one 30 min so that way she gives you more personal time.  After meeting with her I'm not as scared about the next pregnancy (don't get me wrong, I'm still scared to death, but feel safer I guess).  

Also, after talking to the dr's it sounds like if you miscarry naturally there really is just an emotional reason to wait.  They give at least a little time due to in a D&C they actually scrape the lining, so after one cycle it flushes out anything left behind as well as starts to give a new plush lining.  After two or three cycles it gets more plush.  
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I have gotten the same run around from various people as well. Its so hard to get a straight answer but I guess that's partially due to us all being different. My doctor originally said one cycle. I was okay with that at first because at the time, I felt so overwhelmed. I talked to my sister in-law who happens to be a nurse & she said, with a natural miscarriage or one using the medication to induce labor, they recommend a month but that's usually only to better date the new pregnancy as well as for emotional reasons. I wasn't sure how I felt then. My doctor has been having me come in weekly for HcG blood draws to monitor the levels. The day after the initial passing of the sac (sorry for graphics) my HcG levels was already down to the 2300s, The following Monday, my HcG was already to 36. Last week it was at 6 and then this past Monday, I was finally at 0.  The nurse who called me to give me the final blood results asked if I had had a period yet, which I haven't, and then said I should expect one soon. That was two days ago. I am kind of nervous for my period only because I have heard the 1st one following a miscarriage can be more intense than ones we have become accustomed to having.  But I am excited to have it come so I can feel normal. The nurse also said "Good luck, you can go ahead & try again!" knowing that I still haven't had a period. So I don't know. My husband is really nervous & wants to wait until the period because of the medication that I took to induce labor since I was unable to miscarry on my own. He's afraid that there might be lingering effects of the medication in my body that could potentially cause harm to a new baby should be get pregnant again quickly. I have been having my blood monitored so I know there's not but it's hard for us both, emotionally I guess. I don't know what we're going to do. Part of me wants badly to get pregnant again to move on but then part of me is worried & scared. I don't want to get all hyped up & actively start trying only to be disappointed if it doesn't happen right away but it's so hard to not chart my ovulation. I never had trouble conceiving in the past but this time, I'm just more nervous. I don't have an actual appt with my doctor until January 21st so until then, I'm just going to see what happens & hope for my period to come.
Keep me posted Cocacolapanda on your progress & success. I wish you the best!!!
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Well I hope you get it soon!  Mine just started this morning!  So far it's exactly like what I normally have.  This first "real" cycle seems to be exactly like mine should be except I've been having more PMS mood issues.  As far as the rest my cycles are pretty hard to begin with, lots of painful cramps and lots of blood, so far it's exactly the same.

Now that it's returned I do plan to TTC now, YEAH NO MORE CONDOMS, lol.  I am scared of getting pregnant too, I just don't want this to happen again especially since there isn't anything I can do to prevent it.  Since I had the D&C we needed to wait for the first normal cycle before we could try.  Now that I've had my cycle back It just feels like it's bringing new hope.

As for the meds in your body that they gave you, I wouldn't worry about it too much most meds get out of your system pretty quickly.  The longer you take them the longer it takes to get out of your system though.  Waiting for your cycle to return SHOULD be long enough.  Although if your really worried you can always call your dr's office and ask.  

I really hope that everything turns out well for you, keep me posted!    
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