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I have PCOShave had 3 miscarriages what do I take to have a full term preg?

In the last 2 years I have had 3 miscarriages all in the first trimester.  I am now pregnant again without even trying. I lost my last baby August 8 and had one normal period.  My period was late so I took a test just in case (I drink coffee) and it was positive said i was 5 weeks.  I called my obgyn all he wants to do is blood work every two days for 3x.  but my last obgyn diagnosed me with pcos and I think I'm suppose to have shots or something not just bloodwork.  my blood work always comes back perfect until the bleeding starts.  i'm scared, i'm so scared.  I need a dr's help and blood work seems like nothing.  anyone with pcos out there who can give me some advice please i really need some help.  
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My story is very similar to yours. I got pregnant with my son when I was 22, had no problems with my pregnancy until I went into preterm labor at 33 weeks. My son was born underweight but really had no problems. He's now a healthy 10yr old.

We started trying for #2 when our son was 4. No luck after a year, got diagnosed with PCOS, tried provera/clomid a couple of times with no luck. We quit "trying" and finally July of '10 I got pregnant (w/out meds) but miscarried at 3 1/2 weeks......repeat 2 more times through the next few months making it a little further every time but never out of 1st trimester.

All my test came back "normal" also, very frustrating.

I am currently 12 weeks pregnant. At my 1st Dr visit we got to see the baby & hear the heartbeat 1st time we've gotten this far since my son. I am still scared every day I'm gonna wipe & see blood. Trying to stay optimistic tho. I am a little frustrated that there's no sense of urgency, I figured with all my losses I be considered high risk but I'm not. The only thing they told me is when I make it to bout 15 weeks I may have to start progesterone shots once a week til week 37 to help me sustain my pregnancy.  

Good luck! Best wishes & prayers for you & your baby.
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I don't have PCOS but from reading alot after 2 mc's myself...PCOS causes problems with implantation. I don't think it effects you carring to term. But first timerester losses are so common its hard to get a Dr to really look into possible problems. Maybe your beans aren't implanting well? Just a guess...on a brighter note after 2 mc's and no answers to why...I went on to have a handsome little boy Jan 11'...so just be ause you have a few losses doesn't mean you can't carry to term. SSBD
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I'm sorry for everyones losses! :(
I know that baby aspirin can help with some women. Talk to your doctor and see if it could be right for you!
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All he was going to do was bloodwork.  I called and said that it wasn't enough.  I have PCOS and it is one reason women miscarry.  I just turned 30 and have lost too much, 3 babies gone.  So today I'm going to pick up my prescription of progestrone tablets.  He said they wouldn't harm anything but might not help either.  but i'm willing to try anything.  Thank you so much for you girls who wrote back to me.  I am so scared and alone right now.  
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I took baby asprin and a vitamin b complex with my third pregnancy (the only sucessful one) But I stopped taking the baby asprin early on(around 7 weeks) because I had a bleed, and asprin is a blood thinner. I stopped taking the b complex soon after that also. Also I ate pineapple around the time that implantation should have occurred....I read that it helps with implantation. I ate 2 whole fresh pineapples!!  They say the core has what helps in it. Also...I know you probably know this....you should be taking folic acid and prenatals now before you get pregnant and continue them throughout your pregnancy. SSBD
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I myself have lost  three babies , Yes though they  were not very  far along  they  were mine and i  was more then  ready  and more then  willing  to  love them . My  heart breaks when  i  think  of them   , I dont understand the punishment  we have to  go  through  as pcos sufferers .Its been  about 1 1/2 years since my  last  miscarriage and though  I havent  tryed I havent  exactly  been  carefull , Iam  so  scared of getting  pregnant  , But  want  to  be so  bad .If I had nothing else in  the world I want  to  be someones mommy .Ive taken  a break  but iam ready  to  seriously  try  to  get  this all in  order ,I  was taking  progestrone and metformin  .Has this combo worked for anyone
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