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I’ve had a miscarriage before, but this time was very different

Hello, a few weeks before my last period I was having sex and when we finished my partner told me I had started my period. This was already strange because I had never been early before. When I went to go clean my panties and wash off I noticed the blood was much thinner and not as dark as my usual menstrual blood. It just looked like normal blood like if I got a cut or something. When I washed off in the shower there was just a little bit more blood and a hunk of tissue that looked like two little blobs attached by a strand. There was absolutely no additional bleeding or pain afterwards. Someone suggested maybe he had just been too rough, but I have never once bled during sex at all and I've had much rougher sex than this. Beforehand my breasts had been so tender and swollen that it hurt when I or anyone else touched my nipples. They've gotten tender before my period before, but never this bad. Also, they stayed tender until after I had my period which was a little late. I've had one early miscarriage before, but it was very painful and there was almost no blood just pink tissue. Ever since this has happened I've been wondering if it could have possibly been another miscarriage. I have never had any other abnormalities in my cycle aside from the first miscarriage and maybe being a day or two late. Was this a miscarriage, or something else?
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It could have been but hard to know for sure.  One thing you could have done (probably too much time has passed now) to confirm is to go get blood levels checked to see if you had HCG elevation.  It normally will be at time of miscarriage and then slowly decreases.  But a doctor may not even be willing to do that blood work.  Chemical pregnancies do happen.  Do you want to get pregnant or have you had other children?  
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