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I'm asking this question for my daughter. She lives in another state but this situation is very confusing and I'm trying to ask opinions here to help sort this out. A little over a week ago she had bad cramping and heavy, heavy bleeding with large clots. So bad, she was standing in the bathtub. Some clots were the size of her fist. She recently switched to the nuvaring after a few years on the pill. Anyhow, she went to the ER and she was told that the nuvaring was inserted incorrectly and that the bleeding she's experiencing is a miscarriage. They sent her to ultrasound and said they saw nothing. Her hcg level was 250. Fast forward a week and I tell her to take another pregnancy test to make sure it's negative. She does, and it's immediately positive. She also did not call for her official ultrasound results. It says that there was a gestational sac seen on the ultrasound and further follow up is needed. It states "possible miscarriage" on the medical notes from that visit. We have no idea if she's still pregnant or if this is remnants of the miscarriage. She called to get an appointment and they have her booked TWO WEEKS out, because she's not cramping or bleeding any longer. They said it's not an emergency. She has to sit and wait that long with this stress! Her and her fiance are planning their wedding...terrible timing! Any thoughts or opinions? Could she still test positive a week after having a hcg level???
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Yes yes yes!! It can take weeks for her levels to go back to lormal. A non pregnant woman's hcg levels are at a 5. It  too me 4-5 weeks granted my levels were much higher. But unfortunately she does have to wait until her apt. They will check her levels again. I doubt she's still pregnant bc that sounded like a horrible miscarriage.
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Well, she went in yesterday and they told her it's either a blighted ovum or a molar pregnancy and that she'll need either a pill or D & C after they get her hcg levels. The sac is still there in her uterus. I think it's more likely it's a blighted ovum but they also said her hcg was not 250 but 16,000! So, with that high hcg level it makes me think maybe molar, which I really hope it's not. Thanks for responding though! I was and still am really worried!
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Good luck to her and the rest of the family!
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It's a blighted ovum and they're having her take methylergonovine which seems odd to me. She's really scared, I feel bad for her but at least it will be all over after that then she can move on and proceed with wedding plans :-)
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True. Shes going to be hurt for a little while even if she doesn't want to show it. But wedding plans will soon fill her head.  Good luck to you and yours.
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