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Hello all ... I'm sorry to say that I am now able to join this forum.  :(  Went to doc for u/s this morning after watching hcg rize slowly for 3 weeks and bleeding for 12 days.  I should be 7 weeks 3 days today.  I had something suspicious yesterday, which after describing to my doc sounds like the sack.  Sure enough, there was nothing on the u/s but a thin line of tissue.  He said there was a little tissue left and the lining was thin as well so he didn't think the miscarriage would be too bad.  He gave me two pills of Cytotec to take orally.  I'm thinking I'll take them tonight after putting the kids to bed and hopefully pass the rest of the tissue as I sleep.

Does anyone have any experience with this drug and could give me any thoughts or advice.  The doc made it sound like the physical aspect would be no big deal.  Of course we know the emotional/mental is another story.

Thanks for your help!
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I'm so sorry that you have to join us.  What a sad way to meet new people :(  I don't have any experience with Cytotec as I m/c naturally in Aug (at 9w).
But I wanted to reach out and let you know we are all here for you.  The ladies in this forum are so supportive and absolutely fantastic.  We have all faced our own struggles during this rollar coaster of a journey and we are here to give hugs and horaays as needed.
Please feel free to post or vent or just let us know how you are feeling.  We are always nice to the newbies :)
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Thanks, I appreciate it!  I found myself saying at some point this week ... how many times are you supposed to mourne for one baby?!?!?!  It seems like it's so up and down as you wait ... one minute you are positive it's over ... the next you can see that baby growing up.  Auughhh!

By the point that I got the ultrasound though I was ready for it to be over, whatever the outcome.  Hopefully the recovery won't be too bad.

Thanks for your support!
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I know how rocky the wait can be.  I had 1 u/s at 8 weeks and she told me I was "on the fence" and gave me a 50/50 chance of m/c and then scheduled a 2nd u/s for 7 days later.  I spent the whole week on the internet to see what my chances were.  I was prepared, as best I could be for the bad news, but I saw and heard the HB on the 1st one so there was still hope.  On the 2nd u/s the HB was gone and my baby hadn't grown.  I was spotting brown that day, so the tech said the m/c would happen right away.  I was devastated.  But m/c 3 days later.  It was emotionally and physically painful.  I was reminded this week that I would have been 20 weeks and we would have known the sex of our baby now.  I had been doing fine up until then.  But I did have a private little cry this week for my lost little one.  It's okay to mourne, just so long as you don't lose sight of the world around you.  I wish you the best on your recovery.
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Thanks ... it must be especially hard once you've seen the hb ... and I'm sorry for your loss as well.

There seems to be so much else going on right now.  dh is with his mom in the hospital 4 hours away.  She's been fighting cancer for 6 years and things are not good right now.  I'm hoping if I do the pills tonight I can recover and go up with them for the weekend.

Can we not have one crisis at a time?
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I'm so sorry for your loss...I m/c'ed naturally also so I don't know much about the pills...I will definatly keep you and your family in my thoughts...
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As I said before, I am so sorry for your loss.  During our miscarriage we went two times and did not see a heart beat.  The second time the dr said the miscarriage would happen over the weekend.  We went back the next week and saw a heart beat.  Four weeks later, there was no heart beat and the baby stopped growing at 7 weeks.  My mom has been battling cancer for 3 years, and we got some pretty difficult news this summer.  I know that it feels like when it rains it pours!!!  We have all heard that God never gives us more than we can handle, but sometimes I think He thinks a little too much of my abilities :)  Feel free to post anytime.  As I told you, the ladies here are amazingly supportive.
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