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Miscarried and dying to try again

Hi guys I miscarried on the 12th January , it was natural and I went to see the Dr the next day and he confirmed via US that the uterus was empty and that i would bleed for another 4 - 5 days and then it would be over. I bleed for 3 days and then it jsut stopped. My hubbie and I have had a previous pregnancy that ended in the baby being born at 26 and half weeks back in 2005 and had finally decided it was time to try again. this is the 2nd prgnancy to end negatively so I am really anxious and really want a baby you can imagine. The doc said that it is normal to wait one cycle befoer tyring again to have the LMP dates correct however I have loads of research and all that I can come up wiht for waiting is that. I dont care how long I think the pregnancy is along whent he dr says its 8 weeks then it will be 8 weeks.  Some advice from anyone who has been in the same situation please?
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hey everyone..i too am TTC! I unfortunately suffered a m/c at 6weeks back in december =( i was told to wait just 1 cycle, so would b easier to date if i got pregnant. so no medical reasons. i bled for 2weeks after the m/c, had first period 4 weeks after m/c, 5days of bleeding, i then finished. was a typicaly ordinary period lasting 5 days..however, just 1week after bleeding i am spotting..for 2days then it turns period like, im still bleeding 10days later. i am confused..2nd period in a cycle? anyone have same think happen??
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i had a D and C on 25th of nov(16 weeks pregnant)i only had my 1st period since then on the 9th jan!we were trying even before my period came but nothing happened.so were trying again now but im so nervous!im due on the 6th feb now so its just a waiting game,im so scared that ill misscarry again though.i have got 2 healthy children but me and my partner have decided we would like 1 more child to make our family complete.its gotta be the hardest,scariest thing iv ever been through.im so glad i found this site though.it helps to talk to women who ave been through the same thing.i wish you all the best of luck,i hope we all get positives very soon!xx
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I had a m/c on the 1st of Jan, bled till the 7th, had a natural m/c, the doc prescribed medication to help with the process, still do not know the cause. The doc told me to wait 1 cycle till me and my husband can start again, I couldn't understand why as I did not have a D&C which means my tissue wasn't scraped. The doc just said that my body needs time to heal.

I want a baby real bad, so I did a lot of research on the internet and stuff and the only thing I could find is that to wait 1 cycle to have an exact date, which doesn't really bother me, I just want to become a mommy.

Well, when the bleeding stopped we started to ttc straight after, I just felt ready to start again, whether something happens or not, this is just something I want.

They say after a m/c you are most fertile and a could chance for conceiving, I also read that some couples waited 3 cycle and still after that cant conceive, I didn't want to fall in that boat.

I can't wait for a few more weeks so pass to take a pregnancy test, I am not feeling pregnant but have sore boobs, don't know if it's time for my cycle or "maybe baby".

Hoop we all will have a joyfull January or maybe February.

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I agree if your body is not ready then you wont fall again.. God work in misterious wasy that we dont understand. as for my levels the doctor told me that they were pertty much normal during the m/c. I knew that something was worng befoer though as when 6 weeks arrived there was no neasea nothing and i wondered why not. i was telling everyone i dotn feel pregnant anymore.. soo we will see what the future hold. Hubby is not to fussed about trying again befoer the cycle or not he beleive if its menat to happen it will. so baby dust to you and here is hoping january is a good month for all :)  
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I too miscarried on jan 16th. I was 4wks and 3days. This is my 1st m/c. I have two daughters ages 10 and 7 and they were healthy and full term. I had a fear about trying again after 7 years being older now and my body going through a lot of changes in the past 3 yrs with arthritis. My doc said they want me to wait a cycle but I was only 4 wks. My body didn't have to go through a lot to get rid of the tissue. I feel as though if my body isn't ready right after then I guess I won't ovulate to be able to try. My blood levels were already down to 3 on jan 18th so I was able to m/c naturally. Reading and posting really helps the recovery process emotionally. I wish you all luck and baby dust to us all
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My doctor had also advised waiting 1 cycle to try again, but after doing our own reading we too came to the conclusion that there wasn't really a medical reason for waiting after a natural miscarriage. We tried right away, but it still took 3 cycles to get pregnant again. Sadly that one also ended naturally at 10 wks. We're waiting to try again so I can have testing done during my next cycle, but hopefully we can try again after that!

I'd say do whatever feels right to you and if your body is ready to conceive right away, then it will. Good luck!
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