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Misoprostol vs. D&C for a missed miscarriage?

Hi Ladies,

I was having early pregnancy problems and my latest ultrasound showed the heart stopped beating at around 7 weeks (it was still beating in the ultrasound one week earlier).  I am now left with the option of taking misoprostol tablets to induce a miscarriage or having a D&C.  My doctor prescribed 800 mcg of misoprostol to take but I am still debating what to do.

Does anyone have any advice on this?  I really don't want to undergo a D&C but the prospect of taking the misoprostol really scares me.  Ideally, I'd like to just let nature take its course but I am leaving on vacation in a little over a week and don't want to have a miscarriage when I am away.

Is a D&C always done under general anaesthetic?

Thanks.  Any advice or personal stories would really help me make a decision....
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The problem with misoprostol is that it can be very emotionally hard and it may not work. I had an experince with this drug myself, and these pills were placed in the vagina-not taken orally. Very hard b.c YOUR the one giving yourself the miscarriage when you do it that way, (Even though it's not your fault what happend to baby) so like I said- it is VERY emotional.
There is a 4-5% failure rate-which means you will have the cramping and bleeding-just not expell all the tissue, and then you'll have to have a D&C anyway to get all the tissue out.(I was in the lucky %)

I know how hard this is-especially since your body is still going thru the pregnancy symptoms. If you decide to wait for the m/c to occur naturally be aware that you WILL continue to have the pregnancy symptoms until your body recognizes the pregnancy is no longer viable-which can take weeks :(

If I were you, I would opt for the D&C. It will help bring a bit of closer-and you can begin to heal faster. Also-you will then be sooner able to start trying again :)
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I have had both done (I just posted about this a day or two ago but I can't remember who I posted to) and I guess I am one of the few who prefer the misoprostol.  With the miso you do induce the m/c to occur but you by no means created it!!!!  I liked it because you could do it when you are ready in the privacy of your own home.  Not with a ton of doctors and nurses around and general anesthetic (my D&C wasn't under general tho - they give you something to calm your nerves and give you amnesia similar to if you had your wisdom teeth pulled and you have no recollection afterwards).  If you take the miso, just wet the pills slightly before inserting them.  Insert as far as possible and lie down for about an hour or two to make sure they dissolve by the cervix and are not dislodged.  It took about 4 hours before anything started happening and by the evening I passed the big clot.    I had another smaller clot the next morning and some spotting for a couple days.  No big deal.  Just take  ibuprofen prior to or after taking the miso and you won't even feel too much cramping.  Best of luck - whatever you decide will be fine.
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Thanks for info, I really appreciate it.  I'm still on the fence and am not sure what I am going to do.  The miso that my doctor prescribed is oral, which I'm finding out isn't supposed to work as well as the vaginal ones.  I have also read about the chance of uterine rupture through the vaginal insertion.....of course, it's a very, very small chance but I always get paranoid when I hear these things.
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I know this posted a long time ago but wanted to post anyway for anyone looking for info on this matter. I took 4 misoprostol vaginally after a missed miscarriage. Bled heavily for one day no cramps. One week later had a HORRIBLE smell went to my doc and found there was left over tissue and had to have a D&C. If I had to do it over again I would have the D&C because misoprostol is a watch and see sort of approach and you go through enough of that with the pregnancy/miscarriage process. I wanted it to be over with quick to be able to start trying again. D&C is quick and painless I went completely under. Had mild spotting for a few days and no pain.
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I also bled for only one day after inserting this medicine, with passing tissue as big as my fist and lots of clots.  The next day---no more bleeding which scares me that it is not enought bleeding for everything to come out.
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i have heard the meds often do not work and people end up needing a d and c either way.

i opted for the d and c with both of my miscarriages because i emotionally could not handle waiting for a medication.

i am so sorry for your loss and know the pain you are feeling right now.
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