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Natural Miscarriage

Recently had natural miscarriage on Nov 9, still am spotting some. I am wondering when its ok to start ttc again. I was told 2 different things....1) its ok after 1st period and 2) wait until I've had 2 periods then start trying. What have others heard? Is there an increased risk for another miscarriage or other complications if we get pregnant after my 1st period?
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I'm sorry for your loss. I had a m/c in sept a natural one also. I bleed for 5 days. I began ttc right away. I would say go for it but check with your dr first if spotting for that long is normal. I would make sure your body expelled the baby so you don't end up with a infection. Hafve you had your blood checked to see if your levels went back to zero? Good luck to you and lots of baby dust!
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I'm sorry for your loss..There really is no concrete answer to this..believe me I've looked. Some women who concieve before their first AF go on to have healthy pregnancies and then some women who wait months have another m/c. I was 9w3d and my dr. told me to wait 2 cycles more for emotional reasons than physical. Have you read our cycle buddies thread on here? You are more than welcome to join us all in ttc after m/c. Good luck!
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My hcg started at 13000 (prior to m/c) then decreased to 10000 Nov 12 and my last hcg was 7100 on Nov 15. I am going on monday Nov 24 for another hcg check. Hopefully I will see a larger drop by then, since I am only having very light brown spotting at this point. I think I've passed all the tissue. This has just been a horrible thing to go through. This whole process is going on 4 weeks now! We feel ready to ttc after my 1st period, but I just want to make sure my uterus is healed and back to normal to support another pregnancy. Regardless of when I get pregnant again, there will be anxiety and worry.
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I posted on here earlier that I miscarried on Oct 14 at 5 weeks and became pregnant again on Nov 5th, with no period in between.  Im of course paranoid that it will end in miscarriage again, so I had them monitor my hcg level this week.  My hcg at 13 dpo was 50 and at 15 dpo it was 139.  Things are going well so far, but again I am only 4 weeks.  I just worry that every little cramp will be a miscarriage again.

I would suggest that whenever you feel ready, go for it.   I was very early when I miscarried so I think I had less time to recover physically.  I wish you all luck and healthy pregnancies!
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Wow that is great you are Pg again Congrats on the new baby...as i had a m/c it started on Sun 11.16.08 I was suppose to be 7 d 3 w and I was only 5 d 3 w and they didnt find nothing  except the ges. sac..so im guessing it will be easier and less time to recover..I had a M/C in Sep 2006 and it was d&c as I was 9 weeks or so Pg when their was no heart beat and the baby was suppose to be 13 weeks but measure almost 9 weeksand I got p/g after 6 months .. but not sure so if i could ask you  I have a question for you if u new you were O`ing or just had intercourse (not to be personal) i just wanted to start trying asap..as i know the tissue is gone etc etc at least I think it is i go monday for HcG check and the U/S on Wed to be sure.. ... my levels drop  from 11.17.08 to 11.19.08 from 2000 to 900 so im thinking they may be back down alot more by this coming 11.24.08... Thank you..
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I am almost the exact position as you are. I too am going for another hcg check on monday 11/24. I went from 10000 last wednesday to 7100 last saturday, so I'm hoping it will be much lower on monday. I was 7w6d when I miscarried. I'm not passing tissue anymore. I was told I would need to have an hcg drawn once per week until they drop to less than 5. Are you going to start trying right away? I want to start trying after my first period, but I'm afraid of the same thing happening again. Is the uterus healed enough after the first period to hold a pregnancy?
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