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Normal bleeding with miscarriage....

I have had multiple losses but I have never been able to miscarry naturally.  With this preg, I was told it was a blighted ovum & was scheduled for a D&C.  I decided I would rather do it naturally.  I had some light spotting for 2 days then yesterday I started bleeding like a normal period with some small clots.  I should have been about 10 weeks 4 days yesterday.  This morning I woke up & the bleeding is a lot heavier & the clots are bad.  I can barely make it to the restroom before passing them.  How long shoud this heavy bleeding with huge clots last?  It's been about 3 1/2- 4 hours so far & it's still really heavy.  I have some lower abdominal cramping & some back pain too.
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i had a blighted ovum last yr too and it seem like the bleeding cramps and clots lasted forever... that i was always changing my pad... and i was about 9wks when it finally happen to me and i think i bleed for 3wks straight.. with big clots some of them look like tissues
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Sorry to hear that you are having to go through this. I had a  natural mc Jan 30. I bled for 11 days, then stopped for 12 then started (heavy again, lasting about one week) then I had spotting since then, yes since March 3 I have been spotting. I think my case is a little different, normally people don't last this long but it could happen they say anywhere from 4- 12 weeks, because it is a natural mc. I had a D&C last June as well, by August I was back to regular cycles.

Good luck!
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*Sorry that is supposed to say March 31.
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Well, I got my answer the hard way. LOL  Apparently I was bleeding to heavily & I ended up passing out on my bathroom floor.  Thankfully my 16 y/o son was home & he called 911.  When the ambulance got here my blood pressure was 74/40 something.  Not fun.  I ended up going in for a D&C last night & I'm feeling much better this morning.
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I am very sorry to hear that you had to go through all of that. I had a similar circumstance for my last mc. I had been given tablets to insert and allow the baby to come out without having to get a D&C. I started to hemorrhage and was unable to make it from the bathroom toilet to the door without filling up 3 huge pads- awful experience. Luckily my husband was home and able to prep the car for me and we went to the hospital. I did end up having a D&C because after all that I still had everything left in me.

I recovered quickly from the D&C emotionally it takes time. This happened June 02, by September 01 my periods were back to normal and by December I was pregnant again.

I wish you the best of luck !
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i wasnt too prepared to have the baby, so i used prostrogen tab, and was sucessful after a wk the blood flow stop. but two weeks after i noticed heavy floe with serious abdomen pain or bleeding cramps and clotslasted that i always changmy pad. pls wat can i use, will it go natural and for how long
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