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Please help - likely blighted ovum- any advice is appreciated


My LMP was 2/6/09 which would put me at 8 weeks and 4 days today (although I have only been off the pill for a few months so I was not exactly regular). My HCG levels were 3,000 on 4/1/09 which would have put me around 4-5 weeks. Then my HCG level jumped to 22,000 on 4/6/09 which my doctor said would put me around 6-8 weeks, which was great news.

Then I just had an ultrasound this morning, both transvaginal and abdomin and they saw the sak and yolk, but no heartbeat. My doctor wants me to get another ultrasound next week, but also wants me to go ahead and schedule a d&c.

Also, I have had no symptoms of being pregnant.

Anyone have similar HCG numbers and no heartbeat? I don't understand why my HCG levels increased so much, but my doctor is so sure that I have a blighted ovum.

Thank you so much!
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I would def wait until the next u/s and blood draw...the age of the baby determines if the hb can be detected, I've never heard that the hcg numbers will determine if the hb can be detected, those numbers vary from women to women...your hcg numbers look very good...don't give up yet..just wait until you get to the next u/s. The website mentioned above is really good.
Take care and let us know.
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I have had a similiar situation with this pg regarding not seeing the hb and having to go back but my hcg levels were alot lower. I always have low rising hcg levels. I was told that your levels have to be well over a thousand to see the baby in the u/s and my dates were off so I didn't see anything yet my due date now is 5 days earlier. So you just never know. I would wait to have a repeat u/s and blood re-draw before making any definate decisions and discuss more options with your dr. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Best wishes to you...Good luck and please keep me posted...

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Thank you so much for your response. I am so sorry about your m/c. I just can't even imagine going through something like this multiple times.

I have not had any previous m/c or children. Although it would be great if I wasn't as far along as I had thought (explaining the u/s), my Dr says that with an HCG over 20K, I should see the heartbeat without a doubt. I guess I will just have to wait for confirmation next week.

All the best to you as well :)
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I am going through a similar experience however I feel that your pregnancy still has a good chance of survival. Your numbers look great and you have at least seen a yolk sac.  Maybe since your cycles weren't regular you are a week or two earlier than you think.  I would not schedule a d&c yet.  Wait another week or two to see if your baby develops.  I have had 2 previous m/c and am about to have my 3rd.  My LMP was 2/16/09 which makes me about 7 weeks 2 days.  My hcg has risen so slowly.  Last week it was 2250 and today it was 7100.  All we can see through a vaginal u/s is a gestational sac.  My Dr is seeing me one more time then giving me my dreaded options again.  I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy.  Have you visited the website www.misdiagnosedmiscarriages.com? It has great stories of women going through similar experiences.  I pray that your baby sticks! Have you had previous m/c or children?  All the best to you.  Stay strong.
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