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Possible miscarriage? Tubes are tied ..

On feb 18 i woke up in the morning with my underwear and pjs soaked in blood. I was thinking maybe i startrd my period so i never thought anything of it . I went to the washroom and changed geting ready to shower and blood started gooshing out of me it was pouring down my legs . Literally pouring i almost passed out i got right hot and dizzy i sat in the bath and when i got out i put a tampon in. I had to change my tampon 3 times in less then a hour . I had the worst pain of my life i wouldnt wish it on anybody. I was bend over couldnt even stand up with pain. I took 2 naproxin and a Tylenol and still could feel the pain . I bleed really bad for a few days i never thought anything of it because i have goten my tubes tied 18 months ago. About a week went by and i was nauseous this whole time and it came to me that maybe i had a miscarriage. My bf questioned it to . I done a test it was negative. And me and the bf talked and i startrd acting weird in dec . Not really paying attention i wasnt anyway because my tubes are tied but he said he he thought i could of been but wouldnt say anything because he didnt think it was possible..which i no it is . Ive heard of it happening. But i was nauseous gaining weight tender breast having chocolate cravings . i had 2 periods in December and one or 2 days inbetween them where i was spotting. Is it possible it was a miscarriage? If so does that mean my tubes being tied didnt work? Or does it mean i did if i lost it? First time i was ever like this . I have 2 kids and now that i think of it it seems possible with all the symptoms i was having but like i said i didnt  pay any attention to it because of having that surgery and having them tied.

Has anyone experienced this?

No i didnt go to the hospital. There is no hospital where i live and i was kinda to embarrassed because i have my tubes tied and such.. and i just feel i should no more about this then i do lol..
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Well, women do get pregnant after tubal although it's not common and when they do, it's often a tubal pregnancy.  What type of tubal did you have?  If it was done with clips, they can come undone.  Tube are then open for pregnancy.  If they severed the tubes, that is trickier but what happens (rarely) is that scar tissue forms in such a way that it kind of creates a new tube.  But pregnancy after tubal IS dangerous because it is so often a tubal pregnancy which is not viable and can kill the mama.  There is nothing to be embarrassed of, I'm not sure I understand that.  Getting pregnant after a tubal shouldn't be embarrassing as that isn't your fault.  And since it has a possibility of happening, it's better to know, right?  You need to know in case it happens again and has a worse outcome if you were indeed pregnant.  But, you likely weren't pregnant since you had a negative test (often right after miscarriage, you'll still get a positive).  But it could have always been a pregnancy in jeopardy and HCG could have been low and thus, not triggering the test.  A blood test would determine if there was any HCG in your system.  You normally have to be about 6 weeks or further along to have nausea.  So, I'd not worry so much about symptoms you had.  And you don't need to go to the hospital but do need to see a doctor in my opinion. A regular doctor's appointment with your ob/gyn to discuss this matter for planning in the future.  good luck
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Thank you
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It is possible u could hav been pregnant and miscarried
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