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Pregnancy after a Miscarriage what to expect?

I had a miscarriage on June 2nd and i was 5 weeks and 2 days i just recently found out that I am pregnant again when I went in for the check up after the m/c my hcg level was 3 and that was the 23rd of June I tested on Jult 3rd and the 4th and they both came back positive! I made a dr. apt but they dont want to see me until im like 9 weeks but im afraid to loose this one too! has anyone gone through this? what do i need to do?! im very worried! please any advise will help
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Can you just say "you think" you are about 9 weeks?!?!? Sometimes we need to make a BIG deal out of nothing, just to get some attention.

I know some docs don't see you until you are about 6 weeks or more...but I think you can find someone that does, just tell them that you need to know what is going on and that you are pregnant again, right after the m/c. Maybe try w/ a High Risk OBGYN.  

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Yeah that is a good idea. then when i go i caould say oops! lol
well i called around to some diff. dr.s and i have an apt on thursday! so that is good! how are you doing? anything new with you?
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Not much! still on the waiting!!! AF is due tomorrow, we'll see what happens

LOL!!!!!Yes that is right...just say OOPPS!!!!....
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Yea that is so true keyan, lol we do have to do those things because they are so quick to turn you away.  I was gona say the same thing keyan said but she hit it right on the nail:)

'Pinkladybug do you no why you m/c'd, i was just reading some other forums and some women was saying how their progesterone levels were low and the doctors gave them supplements, make sure they do hcg levels and a progesterone level when you go.  Im going to my ob's office to get a copy of my lab work because i dont even remember them doing a hcg level at my first appointment which i was about 7 weeks, they did a history and physcial and the basic lab draw for std's, my blood type and to check for rh factor but i dont recall them giving me results for hcg levels, if they didnt take it, im so switching ob dr's.

I had d&c on the 17th of june, waiting for first cycle so i can ttc again, but AF is taking her slow time, well blow some baby dust our way and happy pregnancy:)

Well i hope you get that BFP on your next try around keyan
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No i dont know i will check though! also i have been cramping a bit and have clear discharge! am i ok?
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I hear cramping is normal as long as it is not really strong and the clear CM too!! It sounds like everything is working out for you!!!! You are going to see the doc thursday, right? Let him know about every little detail.
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yeah i have blood work and test tomorrow and then another one on thursday! my cramping isnt bad but it is thereand feels like it wont go away i put my feet up and everything it is a faint cramp but right now constant!
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I would say, just lay in bed and try to relax. I know is hard to relax, but atleast try to be calm. I beleive everything will be ok and you will get some great results tomorrow w/ your blood work!
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After my m/c I think that I will not go to Dr. until about 8 weeks when I do get pregnant again.  Because I think that if you go too early they are really not able to tell you anything or do anything because its too early and you'll get worried over nothing.  its best if you do your first u/s after 8 weeks so you can see the little bean and hear the heart beat.  I went too early my first time and got a transvaginal u/s and didn't see anything, also my m/c started 4 days after.  I literally freak out because they couldn't tell me anything whether good or bad.  
I think the wait is safe.  Just relax and take it day by day.  Also start taking your prenatal vitamins if you aren't already.
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well i work during the day so i cant lay down. i will just take it easy and hope for the best! the ony reason i am so worried is because i dont want to go through the same thing again! so if by some chance they can prevent something then the eairler the better! i dont want to take a vaginal ultra sound but anything that wont harm me or the baby is fine thank you for all your help i will keep you posted! =0)
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My first 3 m/c i never got passed my re.. however this last one my re released me at 6 weeks, things were looking pretty good... i called my regular ob and the lady on the phone had the gall to tell me we DO NOT see you until you are 10 weeks.. now im sorry but after 3 m/c i would consider myself high risk not to mention i was on prog every 6 hours... she still said im sorry mam but the dr does not see anyone until 10 weeks.. i called my re crying they ordered one more ultrasound.. NO HEARTBEAT.. u dont know how much i wanted to call out the lady at my family dr and say SEE>>>>>>. obviously it wasnt her fault, but i think even after 1 m/c the drs need to at the very least check blood levels and progesterone every couple of days for a few times then if all is well see the patient at 9 - 10 weeks......... very SORE subject ;)
4th/mc ws 5/28 still having hcg checked as its now at 23.. waiting for it to get down for cycle to start and we can ttc again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the fibbing suggestion about being further along.. I LIKE THAT ONE!!!!!!!
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Im sorry to hear that! I hope everything works out well for you! I also have had 2 m/c the first one i was 6 weeks along. i was also 18 at the time! i have a list of questions to ask her! lol  and will have her check everything! thank you so much everyone for all your advise. i really like being able to talk to women that are going through the same thing or have gone through! =0) so thank you all so much!
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well just got back from the dr. i guess i have to wait until friday to see how my levels are! i asked about the progestrone but she said they cant and wont check it while im pregnant!? I dont know then she at first tried to tell me that it was still my hormones form the miscarriage but then i said how can that be the 23 my hcg was 3 and then tested two weeks later and it was positive! i took 3 tests one friday night one sat morning and then another monday morning and all postitve then she said ok tested me and its a go! im just still nervous! you guys and my husband are the only ones that know im to scared to tell my family bc they were so happy last time that i dont want to crush them again if this one doesnt work! i have another apt tomorrow with my ob!
thank you girls
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sometimes you just have to push the doctors a little to get the attention you need... I  can't beleive she said that it was your hormones still from the m/c if she hadn't tested you...this was the first thing she should have done...GOOD thing you have done your homework!!!
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well that is all thanks to you guys for the help! you all really do help me i look forward to getting on here and chatting with all of you guys! =0)
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My last "Normal Period" was on april 8th.... i found out in may that i was pregnant. we had been trying for 2 years with no conception at all when my husband was deployed to iraq for 15 months. He returned home in the last days of march. As you can see we were very elated to find out the first month he was hoome we had concieved. The Joy was short lived as on mothers day i started spotting and went on to have a miscarriage in the days after.I was 5 weeks along. I was told everything was fine and that it was prob just by chance that this happend. Hubby and i were very eager to get started again right away. And 4 weeks after the miscarriage i started to feel the same breast tenderness and tiredness as before. i took a test and it was positive again. i spoke to my doctor and asked him about the risks and he said that they were increased but it was minimal. The risks were increased because the lining of your uterus might not have enough time to build up enough to hold another pregnancy so soon. Before anything else just over a week later i started spotting again, an again went on to miscarry in the 5th week. I did notice some differences in this miscarriage than the last. there wasnt as much clotting and i didnt bleed near as heavy or for near as long. The cramps were sooo light this time i wasnt sure if i was making them up in my head. The last time was almost unbearable.....even though i was a few days more along than the last. Both miscarriages were natural no d&c needed. I often wonder was this bad luck? should i have waited? would the baby have lived if i had waited? was it my lining? or is there something mroe wrong with me that i should push the doctors into investigating??? i am currently three weeks and 3 days post miscarriage and i wonder am i pregnant again? can this really be happening to me? I am having some clear discharge similar to the cm before and after ovulation, which was my very first clue in the past two pregnancies. My Nipples are a little sensitive to squeezing, but not too sore (yet), and i am more tired. i took a test and it was neg but as you all know it is way to early to rule out yet. My husband is away at an army school with no contact for the next 3 weeks. im going out of my mind with anxiety and worry. I really do think my lining was tooo week last time, and i wonder what it will be like this time. If i am pregnant because i think it was thin last time, i hope it this time has had enough time to build up. i Hope and pray  evey day that if i am pregnant My baby will be ok and that my body has had enough time to build itself. Sorry this was so long, hope some of you get something usefull out of it....Last miscarriage i had to FIB FIB FIB to get the doctor to see me....because they dont see until your about 9 weeks and they dont do an ultrasound at those ones either, they only do the physical , and doppler for heart beat. it ***** and i hate it. but i FIBED and made them let me see a doctor. UNfortunatly you all know the outcome, my levels were low and not increasing properly so, i miscarried again....im worried im pregnant again but thats something i will have to deal with next week when the time gets here..........thanks and sorry this was so long....
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You know, I read tonnes of posts about women conceiving again right after a m/c, and not only are the results mixed, but so are OB's opinions.  My OB said he likes you to wait one cycle (my m/c's have not had an explanation attached, just bad luck), and he said the only reason he even says to wait one cycle is for dating purposes.  He said there is absolutely no increased risk to having another pregnancy right after a m/c.  Yet other women tell me their ob's say to wait 3 cycles.

I have just had 3 m/cs in a row.  I am ttc again now, and even after 3 m/c and my age being 39, I still have a 75% chance of all being just fine next time along.  I think the bottom line is, nobody really knows for sure.    I wish all of you ladies well, and I hope we all have happy healthy pregnancies and babies!!
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That is so true, there is no rule written in stone.  Personaly, i beleive women can get preggo after m/c and carry to term, but i think it is the individuals body, how they  heal from the trauma/shock they body went threw, and every wound needs time to heal, when i try to think in a medical way, thats what i think.  Personaly, i no my body is not ready menatlly or physically to get preggo b4 my first cycle so im going to wait, and i may wait another cycle, depending on how i feel.  I think its up to the woman, if she feels mentally and physically ready, go head, but i would not do it just to get preggo to hope to carry a baby and you are emotionally and physically a wreck.  Jus my opinion.

I wish you a healthy happy nine months and blow baby dust this way;) if you need to chat we are here or you can always im me.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers
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