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Pregnancy after later miscarriage 20 weeks

hello my name is is jodi and on may 18th 2012, i thought this week would have been the happiest i went to ultrasound hoping to find out what my baby was and they told me very little and i knew something was wrong they just told me baby was measuring around 15 weeks.
well after some concern it was confirmed on the 18th there was no heartbeat any more and Chance was born sleeping on May 18th, 2012 at about 8:30pm
At this time was the moment i found out that my baby was a boy. i had prayed for 5 mths to hear those words and now this was not how i wanted to find out that i finally was having a son and had to give him up..  
This is the worst pain i have ever felt.
I am not giving up i am not losing my dream of a son with my fiance so we are ready to try again.
i just need to know that other people out there have succeeded soon after to be pregnant again i am dying to become pregnant again.
If you have become pregnant i am terrified i wont as it took me 4.5 yrs to have my daughter and it took 1.5yrs for baby chance i dont want to wait that long.
i would love to talk to you and hear you storys
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I'm sorry for everyone's loss here it can be so hard to understand why we had to lose ..I had a healthy baby girl in 05 an got pregnant again in 06 I made it to 15 weeks when I started to bleed ..I knew immediately something was more than wrong ..we got to my drs as quick as we could an had an ultrasound we could see very clearly our baby no longer had a heartbeat .my Dr was going on vacation that Friday and refused to perform a dnc until he got back the following Tuesday ,for 4 days I carried a baby I knew was deceased an I was so scared I was going to pass it at home ,Dr mentioned I had a lot of blood an clots surrounding my uterous and an at home miscarriage is out of the question because I would lose too much blood anyways that Tuesday I had my dnc ,the baby was the size of the palm of your hand ,tiny but perfect and a boy ..I didn't get to see him but I was told no answers on why he passed ..it took me 6 years to be strong enough to try again an I'm currently 7an a half months pregnant with a boy ..still hasn't sunk in that this baby will be here I guess I'm still keeping some of me out of this pregnancy ..I love feeling him move an hearing good results but until i am holding him I just can't picture my baby with me ..I feel better for sharing my story thank u guys for reading ..its therapeutic knowing I'm not the only one that went through something so painful an others can relate to my feelings ...also don't give up hope like I said ut took me 6 years to be strong enough to try again but it happened ..I wish u all the best ..
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I'm so sorry for ur loss, I hope that u can find some answers to ur questions, there are some great ladies on this site.
I have recently experienced a loss of my first pregnancy and can relate to ur feelings of wanting to conceive again very soon.
I was told that while all women are different it is thought that you can be more fertile after a loss but you should wait until the bleeding has stopped before having sex again and that some recommend waiting until after ur first period being trying to conceive.
I have read many stories of woman who have conceived quickly and some have taken abit longer.
I hope that you are feeling ok and please know that this website is a great place to share ur feelings and start the healing process.
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hello thanks for your comment for sure. This is definately a helpful site i spend most of my day at work glancing at it back and forth.  i actually find it calming to read others stories as it makes me feel so not alone.
i am having difficulties with the fact it happened to me, as i said why me why not someone else but now i realized it is more then me and listening to others and how they got through it was very beneficial.
I am getting better with the loss of pregnancy but am still stuck on the fact that lost my only son. that is probably never going to go away but i have 2 daughters that look to me for everything and i cannot just shut down it has no benefit.  i still struggle to get out of bed in the morning but i know that Chance my son would want me to move forward
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Gosh..... i am truly so sorry for your loss.. i was off fr here about 2 3 months so i missed your post, i am off bcos of the same reason as you.. i still birth my baby Aidan at 21week last Jan 15 2012.. add to the pain he is my 5th pregnancy and the longest i have ever been. I went ahead with my life and try to move on.. is not easy i know and i can say i am truly understand how u felt about... R.I.P for your angel and please stay strong.. hugs...xxx rachel..
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Honey, I am so sorry for your loss and the other ladies loses.  I couldn't even imagine being that far along only to lose my baby.  I was only 7 weeks and it about killed me.  I am deeply saddened for all of you.  I wish all of you the best.  I will say, I am really scared to try again for fear of notting getting pregnant or getting pregnant and miscarrying.  Big hugs and prayers sent your way.  
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well i am terrified as i never thought it happened as often as you notice on here i am a little worried to try again but i know as a woman and mother i cannot give up on my dream to have a child again and though chance wont be here physically i will never forget him his hands will be on my heart forever and i know he is watching from heaven and will help me get through this.
like i said  i miss the pregnancy too as in one day i went from 5 mths pregnant to nothing feeling very empty and alone almost as if i lost my purpose in life. but i know the only way to fullfill my dream is to keep my head up and use this experience to make me stronger and move forward.  and i am sure someday sitting in hospital holding a new baby i will be even more thankful i made it....thanks for all your comments it is nice to share
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Ah sorry to hear of your loss as it was much like mine except for me i didnt have dnc as my baby was only approx 17 weeks developed and i went to hospital and delivered him naturally he too was a boy which is exactly what i wanted and he too fit in the palm of there hand but i too dont know what happened they did testing and i still dont know the results. and i am ready to try again i cannot stand not having a pregnancy any more i am not getting any younger and wont try after 35 yrs as my mom had bad problems with my brother at 36.  so i only have a couple years to go.
congrats on being 7 mths i only had 2 mths to go to get there and they could have saved baby chance hard to believe thats all i was short.
i too never saw him after delivery but they asked me if i wanted to. they did however take pics of him for me so i could look if i choose to when ready.
it was an eye opening experience i never knew how many woman go through this and i am so exstatic to hear you lost a boy and then concieved another one as i am hoping with my whole heart to bring home a son but i would be happy to just bring home a baby
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