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Provera again RE Doc?

Hi Ladies I just wanted to know if someone could help me with finding a RE doc maybe?? I had a m/c in NOv.16.08 and still no AF and my regular Ob/Gyn said I am fine just take Provera again which I took in Aug 08 and Sept 08 and AF did come got PG in Oct. and M.C on 11.16.08 and she put me on metformin 500mg on 12.16.08 to regulate my AF but I still dont have one. I use to have regular periods until after I had DD do you think I should see a RE doc?> or stick with Reg. ob/gyn... I am trying to become PG again sooner the better. :0) Thank you Ladies!!!!
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I think that it is a personal decision to seek out an RE or not.  How long have you TTC before the m/c (typically they won't treat for infertility if it's been less than a year)?  Do you feel as if you have other medical issues that your OB/GYN is not addressing?  Like PCOS?  Have you talked it over with your OB/GYN to see what they think or even seek a 2nd opinion?

If you do choose to go to seek out fertility testing and options, this is what I would recommend.  First call your health insurance to see what they will cover.  For instance mine only covers diagnostics, but no treatments (Clomid, IUI . . .)  If you have to stay in network, you will be limited to those avail dr's - your insurance can also help with that.  After you pick a dr, you can google them.  There are all sorts of websites out there now that allows people to rate dr's and maybe you can get some feedback before you see them.
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I have been trying since May 2008...I think I may have PCOS which my gyno mentioned but didnt do tests or nothing like that. she did give me metformin to help regulate my Af thats all. and ever time I go she always just says wait wait wait for AF and its been 9 weeks still no AF no bleeding at all. so im getting frustrated. and she gave me Provera to take starting Monday if the blood test is Neg. which im pretty sure it will be. I have medicaid. so they probaly wont cover that kind of Speacialist...  but i will try. Thank you so much for the info...and advice.
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I think you should really seek a 2nd opinion through a different OB/GYN or look for a family practioner that specializes in women's health.  We pay these dr's to help us, not to string us along.
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right I am just so frustarated and dont know which way i should go lol... I will look up info right now.. Thank you.
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