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Should I push for bloodwork- Am 4w3d

Hey Ladies I wonder if anyone of you can help please!!

First off I have had an ectopic pregnancy back in Sept 09. It was removed along with my right tube. I am now at a 10% higher risk of suffering another one. I have to be closely monitored if I am pregnant again to ensure it is detected early should another ectopic be the case.

I am about four days late for AF- I am on 16dpo today. I tested dpo 9, 12, & 14 of which the latter two gave me faint positives. When I went to the nurse on 12dpo she tested and got a BFN. As I wasnt late for AF (AF due 14dpo) she said to return today-which I did and again she has a BFN at 16dpo. I was expecting to be monitored as I am at risk of another ectopic and instead was told to come back next week!!! Surely this is not the way to monitor and Ectopic pregnancy sufferer? I will be about 5w3d then. I started to spot bleed and then proper bleed by this time the last time with my ectopic so I am wondering if this is what they are waiting to see happens? What is the normal protocol now? Has anyone else had this happen?

Also can my hCG be so low that it is isnt detect at 4w 3d and still be a health viable pregnancy. This has too many hallmarks of m ectopic and it is so hard to keep it all together and not worry. I would have thought- and partly was given the impression I would be closely monitored as soon as I was late for AF- despite me having faint positives last week I was sent away- told to come back next week and referred then. Now they tell me to go back a week later?????

On another note:
I have only used superdrug tests to test at home- I have some digital Clear Blue ones but am holding out on using them as it seems pointless if the Doc/Nurse are going to wait until their brand gives a positive. Also I am wondering as my Doc was the one who sent me for bloods first when I last was pregnant with the EP. I dont want to Pee anyone off (namely the nurse- she is lovely) but shall I just make an appointment to see the Doctor on Monday morning rather than the nurse?

Too boot, I am not really feeling any symptoms now- No sore boobs- slight on the edges but think that is the underwiring in my bra- I dont have weird tastes, twinges and tweaks are getting less and I am sleeping less at night- Could I know be going through a chemical/mmc and hence the nurse' test was negative. I havent done a hpt as yet today and mow FMU has gone-(nurse) so will wait until tomorrow if I do one. Starting to think it is probably best to wait it out and not poas anymore. Have any of you ladies had a healthy happy pregnancy with no symptoms at around 4w???

If you can help or have any idea what I should do please help.

Thanks ladies- I feel better for having ranted a little.

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From what I heard if you got a positive on a HPT that you should also get a positive from a blood test.  From what it sounds like, your dr isn't monitoring you like you want them to.  I strongly suggest to at least get a second opinion!

My last pregnancy I decided to go to an OB (I had a family dr last time, and since moved, but wouldn't have used him again anyway).  The OB never took blood work or did any tests on me, just the initial exam.  If he did he would have found that I was miscarrying instead of finding out 5 weeks after the baby passed.  The point of the story is I decided to find another dr/midwife.  I went with a certified nursing midwife who will test and ultrasound at the visits, etc for all patents, and do even more for those who need to be monitored more closely.  I'm not pregnant yet, but I know she'll do what needs to for my (and the baby's) health.  

Your paying them, find a dr that will go the extra mile for you since you are high risk!

Also, every pregnancy is different, and it's possible you may not be feeling any symptoms yet either.  With my first I was so tired I couldn't get out of bed (child is now 20 months old and healthy), and with my second one I wasn't tired at all, I sort of felt like I had more energy and didn't get tired until I was miscarrying.  A friend of mine, her first pregnancy she wasn't tired at all, for the second she just wanted to sleep 24/7.  The lack of symptoms shouldn't be a sign of not being pregnant.  I have heard of women who didn't feel any symptoms until later in pregnancy as well (and had healthy babies).  Everyone is different, and everyone's pregnancies are different.

Also, from what I read, every womens cycle is set number of days (for them) from the day the ovulate until the day of the next cycle.  So if you normally have 14 days from the day you ovulate till the first day of your cycle, and your past those days you need to get it looked into.  Have you asked why there getting negatives when you get a positive on your HPT?  

One last thing, I have heard of some women who have a positive test, then later get a negative and get AF a week or so late, and they just had an early miscarriage.  That's the only time I've heard of "false positives" (Other than some medications causing them like IVF).
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