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Silly Question

So I know this is a silly question but I dont understand anyway so here it goes...

   Your not supposed to change cat littler while pregnant, right? Is that just because of the ammonia or are is there more to it then that?
    I want to know because, when I took my garbage out today it smelt so bad of ammonia, I am sure its from my 2 year olds pull ups...(he peeded on the potty lst night!!!) But could that cause the problems just like cat littler??
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I think the concern is that the mother may become infected with Toxoplasmosis which can be transmitted to the unborn child.  I'm not sure what the exact risks might be though.
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It is the cat feces that you have be careful of when changing kitty litter. I wouldn't worry about the pull ups. if that was a concern then it would say for pregnant women to not change dippers. Here is some info I got of the net about kitty litter and pregnancy.

Toxoplasmosis, caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, is generally a mild infection with flu like symptoms. Many adults have the infection and never even realize it. If you have been infected with toxoplasmosis prior to getting pregnant, you have probably developed immunity to it. Toxoplasmosis is only a danger to your baby if you have an active infection during your pregnancy. Consequently, if you have had it before getting pregnant you will most likely not develop the infection again.

Cats are carriers of the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. The parasite lives inside of the cat’s intestines and is passed into their feces. It is more commonly found in cats that are allowed outside that might eat contaminated rats or mice. Changing cat litter may expose you to the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. It is also found in raw meats or unwashed root vegetables.
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Thanks ladies!
That was very helpful!
I dont have cats anymore and I am not pg, but when I took out my trash, the smell just made me think about...
Wouldnt that be nice if while we were pg. we didnt have to change diapers!!
Thanks again!!
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lol.. yes that would be nice! I have a dog and we live in an apartment complex so I have to pick up his poop... that is bad enough!
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