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So frustrated!!!

On September 15th I had a positive pregnancy test.  It was a big surprises since I was taking birth control.  Anyway, I turned out very positive.  I went for my OB appt on Sept 24, my doctor didn't attempt to hear a heartbeat, she just asked the basic questions.  My hcg at this point was 42,000+, I experienced 4 times, none consecutive, where I had a slight pink tint when I wiped.  She scheduled me for an u/s for dates, due to my being on birth control.  I went in for my u/s on October 1st.  The tech said there is the sac and there appears to be a baby.  She also said, "See that flutter that is probably the heartbeat, but I will check it when I get all my measurements."  I measured for 7w1d, but she was unable to find a heartbeat.  I was put in to see the doctor on call after having a blood test.  Upon seeing the doctor he told me hcg hadn't doubled since my previous test (hcg-52,000+), and so I would probably miscarry that weekend, but I should see my regular doctor on Monday.  What an awful weekend.  I still had all the symptoms of being pregnant.  Upon seeing my doctor on Monday my hcg was 50,000+.  My doctor said miscarriage is inevitable, and I just need to let it happen naturally.  I am so frustrated because I still have symptoms and I have no bleeding, no cramping, no nothing...Does anyone have any suggestions for me?  The waiting is killing me I feel I have no closure, but since I still feel pregnant the questions keep coming.
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Oh, I'm so sorry.  I know it's so hard when you still have all the symptoms.  I was like that too.  It's really hard to walk around with sore breasts and constant nausea knowing that it's not going to end with a baby.  With my first m/c  I opted for a D&C because I just wanted it over with.  I was so depressed and emotional that I couldn't take waiting.  At that time, it was the right decision for me.  I hadn't had any signs of m/c...no bleeding or spotting even and no pain at all.  But the baby had stopped growing and the heartbeat was gone.  I had 2 us to make sure though.

With my second m/c, i was really early in the pregnancy when I found out i was going to m/c.  My hcg levels were what confirmed it.  After about a week of learning that I was going to mc I started bleeding.  It was really easy ...no pain and not much bleeding becasue I was still so early in the preg.  I've heard tho that it can takes weeks with some peple.  

If you are choosing to have a natural mc then I suppose it could take a while and there's no way to speed it up.  I'd want more bloodwork tho just to put my mind at ease (I trust bloodwork more than the us becasue this early sometimes they just can't see the heartbeat)  I know one person was 9 weeks b/4 they found it...they had told her she would mc and then they found a healthy heartbeat.  But with hcg going down, that's a fairly positive sign that you'll m/c.  If you want it over, then you can request a d&c if that's what you want.  Sorry you are going thru this.  
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I truly sorry you are having to wait. I know waiting is hard. I was made to wait two weeks for my d&c. It hard for me and my mind was racing. D&C is an option for which you can read up on and discuss with the doctor or you can wait. Your body may not have recognized the loss yet and that why the process has not happened. For some women it is right away and other it takes time. My friend took about four weeks. But I also think you may feel that you are not sure if you are having a mc. You can asked for another u/s and get blood work done to be sure. I wish that I could be of more help. Just know this process takes time. Try to relax as much as you can and know there are people out their praying for you.
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