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Successful Pregnancy after Multiple Miscarriages?

Has anyone suffered multiple miscarriages and then gone on to have a successful pregnancy without having any tests or taking any meds?  I have had 2 miscarriages and my doctor refuses to do any testing until after the third loss.  He has also told me that he won't perscribe any progesterone, baby aspirin, etc until after a third loss because he still thinks that the 2 previous m/c could just be a fluke.  I am terrified to try again because I just feel like it will end in m/c and I am so angry at my doctor for not doing anything to help me...I can't even get a second opinion because I live in a small town with only one medical clinic.  I guess I am looking for success stories from women who have been in the same situationa and have gone on to have a successful pregnancy without any medical assistance.  Thanks ladies in Advance.
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I've had 2 m/c. One straight after another. My last m/c ended in a d&c. I waited 2 months then brought a OPK kit. Fell pregnant in the first month of trying. I'm now 15w5d pregnant. Had 2 u/s following bledding and cramping but all is fine. My beautiful baby is going well with a strong heartbeat. So it can happen. Sometimes your body just need a test trial or two before going for the real thing. Good luck darl, I hope all goes well.
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I say go to another doctor, many docs won't do much until after 3 losses, But I say that ****!@!! At least they can test your hormone levels, it took me 4 losses b/f they decided to check mine, all it was was low progesterone..God bless and good luck...p.s there is doctors who will do the testing for you, I'd get a 2nd opinion
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I had to miscarriages back to back.  My first was in 3/05 at 11w4d.  I was given the ok after three cycles to try again and had another miscarriage in 7/05 at 5w.  My doctor didn't test, but I do have thryoid disease so he put me back on my PTU and I conceived again in 9/05 and gave birth to my DS in 6/06.  I think mine had to do with my thyroid.

IF I were you, I would see about finding another doctor.  Is he the only one in your clinic?  That would seem odd.  I know it is frustrating.  How close are you to the next neighboring town?  Could they test for you?  It would put your mind at ease if you could just do some simple testing.  I wish you the best of luck and hope that good news come to you soon.  Take care!
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You could always get some progesterone cream at GNC. I've seen a couple of posters on here who took their fertility into their own hands and when and got some of that. You could also go out and buy baby aspirin and take it along with taking prenatal vitamins. I had a miscarriage on November 16th and I am now 8 weeks pregnant again. I kept taking my prenatal vitamins and took one 81 mg of baby aspirin and still am. Things seem to be going well. Good luck to you!
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What is the benefit of the baby aspirin??  I know about the imoportance of prenatal vitamins and have experience with the progesterone cream myself...but not the baby aspirin.  Please explain.
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Oh i had 2 m/c and in the process of using progesterone cream I got from GNC called Femgest and using that twice a day.  I'm excited about having my own bundle of job, but I'm waiting very patiently.  Everything happens in God's own time.  So now success story yet...now what's with the baby aspirin?  What does it exactly do?
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I've also had 2 miscarriages recently, one back in feb of 2005, which I passed naturally, and the second last april (I had a d&c on the 26th).  I'm not sure how far along I was for the first one, but I was about 10 weeks for the last one.  I am now 22 weeks along (due May 14th), and I didn't use any kind of medications, or get tested to see why I miscarried.  Everything is going fairly well so far with this pregnancy, although I don't seem to have a huge appetite, and I haven't gained much weight.
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I hope this helps you. I am on my 9th Pregnancy but I have 3 live boys and now I am currently pregnant with a little girl 27 weeks along. I have 3 MC before my first son was born.
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I'm sorry for your losses.  My first pregnancy, I went to the doctor at a little over 8 wks and I heard my babies heart beat.  Five days later, I miscarried.  I was devistated.  Two months later, I conceived, and 9 months later I delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy.  Recently, I had my second miscarriage.  I was 9 weeks and bleeding.  I notified the oncall doctor and he put me on progesterone 100mg pills.  He thought I might have luteal phase defect with my pregnancy history of miscarrying 5 days after hearing a strong heart beat.  The doctor said it wouldn't hurt to try.  He said if the progesterone helped then I might have Luteal phase defect, but if I miscarried there was some sort of chromosomal defects.  I don't think that's my problem, but it may be yours.  Luteal phase defect has something to do with your ovaries not producing enough progesterone.  They can test this by drawing your blood near or after the time you are supposed to ovulate.  I forget which.  If your doctor is unwilling to help you in this matter, go to a different town and find a new one.  This is so much easier than putting you through the agony of a 3rd miscarriage if you do have luteal phase defect!  I wish you the best of luck!
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I had 3 mcs before my son and am miscarrying for the fourth time as I write this.  I took 81mg of aspirin from 6weeks with my son...also 200mg prometrium 2x per day.  I got the same song and dance after one and two.  I know exactly how you feel.  I would look for a new doctor who is not a jerk.  It won't hurt anything to check for clotting factors etc...although I only test pos for anti-cardiolipin antibody while pregnant.

Sorry to hear of your problems.
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Sorry for your losses. I had two mc's between my first and second son. My second son was a healthy and fairly uneventful pregnancy. I did take baby asprin though before concieving and during the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy, it wasn't prescribed, I just bought it over the counter, my midwife said it couldn't do any harm and may be helpful.
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i am so sorry for all of your losses.  were you on aspirin and prometrium w/ this m/c?  What does the baby aspirin do?  I am also w/ 2 m/c and wanting to get pregnant again but my dr will do nothing unless i would m/c again.  i do have a 1yr old son.  I really dont want to go through a m/c again....how far along were you w/ this m/c and what was your dr doing for you???  How old are you too??  I am 37 and I know it isn't old..but it isnt young either. :(
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