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Symptoms of very early miscarriage, like within 1 cycle?

Hi everyone, we're trying to conceive again after my miscarriage in February. Things seemed to have gotten back to normal period-wise.This month we weren't serious about it and we had 2 quickies before I started ovulating, so I figured nothing would happen. I think I started ovulating last week but hubbie was sick with the flu. Now I've got the flu. Early this morning (3am) I used the bathroom and when I wiped, I found I a small brown clot/tissue inside lots of clear, wet mucous. Later this morning (also after wiping) I found more of a red period-color tissue encased in mucous, this time a bit more yellow. I think I've had the wet mucous thing before, but not with tissue in it, esp not during ovulation. I'm not due for a period until late May. I have a feeling this was a very early miscarriage and seem to remember reading a similar story. Thoughts?
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When I miscarried it was bright red, no brown at all.  When I had implementation bleeding it was brownish in color.  My bleeding was also pretty constant once it started enough that I had to wear a pad.  How consistent is the bleeding for you?  Will keep my fingers crossed, keep us posted indeed!
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Maybe I jumped the gun. According to this site, it might just be bleeding from ovulation. Ever since my miscarriage I developed Mittelschmerz, so maybe this is another new souvenir:


Thanks for your concern and I will followup if it turns into a period  :P  So far it doesn't require a pad.

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My goodness, I didn't realize I couldn't post articles from another website, geez. Fine. Fill in the *** with ********* and it will take you to the right site.
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Seriously, Medhelp? Baby hopes. One word. That is what you put in place of the asterisks. If THAT doesn't work, here is the blurb.

"It is not uncommon for a bit of old blood that is left over from your previous menstrual cycle to find its way into your cervical mucus.  In other women, blood in the cervical mucus can be very common, and a sign that she bleeds just a little whenever she ovulates.  Blood in the cervical mucus can also indicate a ruptured follicle.  In more rare cases, blood in the cervical mucus can indicate trauma to the cervix, whether through an infection or even from sexual intercourse.  Blood in your cervical mucus could also be implantation bleeding."
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lol Ally_C we just can't link to other forums.  I know what you are talking about though indeed.  Some women do have light spotting.  My mother-in-law for example bled lightly her first month with her pregnancy.  Keep us posted on this.  Any bleeding at all is very scary for a mom so I am so glad you posted this, I know when I was miscarrying I was reading women's posts like crazy.  it really helped out a lot to know what was "normal" and what was "serious."
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