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Treatment for tissue left after D & C

So I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at about 12 weeks.  They did the D & C a couple of days later because I was extremely sick and didn't want to wait for it to pass on it's own since they had no idea when it would.  Three weeks after D & C I was still having pregnancy symptoms (nausea, headaches, etc...) so I took a home preg test and it was positive.  My doctor had me come in for an appointment and then eventually did a blood test at about 4 wks after D & C and they came back at 500!  She ordered an ultrasound and saw what they think is tissue left over that is embedded in the uterus so the D & C missed it.  Now they have given me methotrexate to try and pass it out.  They told me I should feel bad cramping within about 2 hours and probably have heavy bleeding for the first couple of days or so, but so far it has been more than 24 hours and I have felt very slight cramping and have had no bleeding at all.  Has anyone had any experience with this?  Does it mean it isn't working or could it possibly just mean my body is taking the medicine extemely well?  They'll do the blood test to see if my hormones drop in about 5 days, but I'm going crazy wondering if it's even working.
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I'm not sure if this will help but my doctors followed my HCG levels after my D&C and I remember it took about 3-4 weeks for them to drop completely.  Once they dropped completely I got pregnant a few weeks later.  It's a tough process, mentally and emotionally.  And my period after the D&C was much worse than it normally was (I only had one after).

Good luck with everything!!
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A d&c is something not effective at getting everything out. After any type of miscarriage it can take weeks for the hCG levels to drop back down to 0. If there was still tissue in there, then that could still be producing hCG and cause you to test positive. When I was getting my d&C, I was told that in about 1in 5 d&c do not get everything out and it needs to be repeated.

Not everyone responds the same to medication, and so you could just be having mild side effects of it. Just do what the doc said, and if it's not worked then they'll see that and most likely you'll need another d&c.
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Wow that's alot to deal with. Miscarriage alone is awful enough, and with the added pressure of having the D&C and then a repeat procedure it's head-banging.... Pls remain strong, u will get through this, and u will.

I know it's really hard, I had a recent miscarriage and I had the D&C ( Had a Missed Miscarriage)

It stull hurts, and am scared to have anther one. I have no children and am 30, so I hope am lucky enough to be a mum oneday. Fate will decide and many women go on to have babies after miscarriage, but whatever will be will be.

Rachel x
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Thanks to everyone for your comments.  I should hear from the doctor today to see how the methotrexate worked... To Rachel... don't be afraid.  I know it is different for everyone, but my husband and I tried for 3 years, got pregnant and were so excited only to miscarry at 9 weeks.  It was devastating to say the least.  Then we ended up doing infertility treatments for 2 years afterwards to no avail.  Finally after stopping all treatments for awhile, I ended up getting pregnant on my own.  I was almost 30 then so it does happen! :)  I had a little girl two years after that, and now here we are going through the whole miscarraige thing again.  I guess you never know what will happen, but I'm just grateful for the two I have now, no matter what happens in the future.  Good luck!  I'm sure it will happen for you too!
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Hi Ladies,
Jennifer, what ever did you end up getting done? I am in the exact place you were a month ago! My level is currently 15  (10 weeks after the d and c). I had the methotrexate injection 2 weeks ago. Level have only dropped 7 points after the shot! The u/s showed retained products today so another d and c was recommended. I don't want to do another d and c but I do just want this to be over. Is there any sense in even going through the d anc again being that the level is so low? It has been almost 6 long months of worrying, heart ache, and tears.  
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