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Up in the air (As my OB told me)

My periods are really hit and miss these days. They haven't been normal for a while now and I just thought it was stress, because I have been under a lot of it lately. I am going to give you sort of a time line from my last noted period. April 25th I started me period and it was normal. Nothing more, nothing less. Lasted 5 days (which is normal for me.) In May I had light pink/brownish bleeding for a couple days. I did not count that as a period. My periods are never like that, so I also tested for pregnancy around this time and it was negative. In June I tested for pregnancy because I had no period. June 15th, I was in a wreck and taken by ambulance, because of me not having a period in May, they did a pregnancy test and it was negative. About a week later and the week after, I tested and it was negative. On July 3rd, I got what I thought was my period. It was like a normal period, nothing more, and nothing less. I stopped after 5 days and was okay. I had extra pregnancy test lying around and I took one on July 17th and it was positive! That same evening I started spotting a little and didn't feel right. I went to the ER and they ran a pregnancy blood test. My levels at this point came back at 22. And of course nothing on the ultrasound because it would have been way to soon anyways. At least that is what they told me. They called it a threatened miscarriage. I made a follow up appointment with my OB on the following Thursday and had blood work done. It came back at 19.8. At this point I am still spotting some. I thought to myself okay my levels are going to start dropping off and it will just end in a miscarriage. Broken I came to terms with my miscarriage. I had to go back in and redo blood work to make sure they are going down on the 26. Well they went back up to 29.9. I will get my results back this coming up Monday(on the 2nd of August). As before I took another pregnancy test to see if the lines were getting any darker(because when they numbers where low) they were light and took a minute to come up. Well they automatically showed up FAST and dark as dark can be. I am spotting off and on and passing clots. Not big ones, but they are there. I am preparing for the worse and praying for the best. I have a friend who bled up until she was five months pregnant and passing bigger clots than me and her son was just fine. He is 13 now. So I guess its just a waiting game. I hate being up in the air as my OB told me. She understands where I am coming from. She said she wants to see the numbers doubled. Only time will tell. I hope you all have a wonderful day.
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