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When can I expect?

Me an my fiance got bad news at the doctors they said i was going to miscarriage. It was our first baby so we are both taking it pretty hard. We had an ultrasound last Thursday an i was suppose to be 11 weeks along but the baby only measured at 7 weeks an had no heartbeat; so they drew my blood that day an had me come back Friday to have it drawn again. On Monday we went back for another ultrasound an to get our results back from the hcg level test. The baby this time measured in at 8 weeks but still no heartbeat an my levels had dropped from 22,000 to 16,000. It was heartbreaking so now I'm wondering how long it should be before i miscarriage? I opted to just let nature take its course instead of a d&c. Sorry for the long story i just had to express myself. Any information is helpful.
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My story is the same as naan84, but am going through my 2nd miscarriage in a row. Mine was also a missed miscarriage & from what I undestand from ur posting so is urs.

Speaking to the doctor today it can take up to 2-4 weeks for this miscarriage to happen, but sometimes it can take longer and you may need to have the D&C operation.

I have been advised that because am 9 weeks, then the miscarriage would be quite painful, so might be better to have the D&C. Since am getting the tissue tested, then this would work in my favour to have the operation and the risk are very low. The operation is a quick process and ur put to sleep. I was so scared about the operation, but believe me it's nothing to worry about and I was so happy that I went for this.

If I go through another miscarriage I may take the natural route just because I don't want loads of operations, but I would much prefer to have the operations every single time, am scared to death to take the natural route, but that's just my own opinion and fear. Loads of women take the natural route and all goes very well & smoothly. I suppose for me I don't wanna deal with it because it's a difficult time.

Also after ur miscarriage u will bleed for 2 weeks, sometimes alittle longer. After the bleeding stops if u were to bleed again within 2-6 days this would not be ur period. 10 days or more would have to pass for the 2nd bleed to be considered to be ur period. You will also noticed that your cycles lenght be varied & different.

I am a 32 day cycle, but after ur miscarriages ur cycles will be different each month. Mine went from 21 days to 28, 32, and 40 days. This is nothing for u to worry about & it's very normal. You may notice that ur period might be slightly lighter and more heavier, that's normal too.

If your thinking anout trying again maybe try again 2 or 3 cycles. Give ur body some time to heal and adjust.

I know how heart breaking a miscarriage is and u will need time to heal and grieve. This not a bad reflection on you or ur body, miscarriages especially 1st time miscarriages are Really Common. 85% of my family and friends have experienced this, so as hard as this is don't panic.

I have no kids and have experienced 2 in the same year. I am very upset but I see this as just VERY bad luck. There are women out there who have had 3 & 4 micarriages and have children so i believe it's just very bad luck and it's a real shame, doesn't make it any easier to deal with. However Only a VERY SMALL percentage of women will have 3 or more. Most women will be only have 1 and will fine next time round. I was sadly just very unlucky!

Don't be hard on urself and take it easy.

Hope my info has helped u.

Rachel x

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im sorry for your loss. did your doctor give you any information about what to expect? the time frame for a natural miscarriage is different for everyone, it really just depends on how quickly your hcg levels drop. If it doesnt start in a weeks time i would go back to the doctor and have your hcg levels tested again to ensure they are going down consistently. You may also have to be open to the fact that you might require a d&c, if your levels do not drop quickly enough and the pregnancy tissue remains inside your uterus for too long it can lead to an infection.
I had a missed miscarriage earlier this year, i shouldve been 9 weeks but was measuring 7weeks, my hcg levels were not dropping much and i had no bleeding so i opted for the d&c. It was my first aswell so I can relate to how you might be feeling, it was absolutely devastating.
make sure you keep in regular contact with your doctor.
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