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Yet again..I give up

Ladies I have some bad news once again. over the weekend I had what I thought was my normal menstrual. And it turned out to be what they called a inevitable miscarriage, I did not test this month because I didn’t want to be disappointed and figured if I didn’t get my menstrual by Monday

( I was due Friday) I would test and I started to spot Friday and some on Saturday morning by the afternoon I was in a ball, sweating and nauseous and bleeding so bad I was unable to stand up straight. I went to the ER after some concerns from my fiancé and the doctor took blood and did an internal which hurt like h*ll I almost kicked him straight in the face seriously. He rushed my blood test and my hcg was at 190. he told me there was nothing they could do that was in the middle of a miscarriage and my cervix was open at the same time I started to have the worst cramps I have ever had in my life and gushing blood out I cant even describe it, they gave me some pain meds and an ultrasound and said that everything was “working” its way out the way it should. And to relax and drink plenty of fluids and if it became too much to bare I could come back and to make a follow up with my obgyn which I see on Friday. I am still bleeding heavy and have cramps I haven’t even had the time to cope with it all yet I will as the pain subsides, my last miscarriage in January was nothing like this I didn’t have pain like this at all the  bleeding was nothing like this  

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I don't know if you mean you're giving up on having a baby - and I truly know its hard right now to think of it but, don't give up.  I had my first m/c in October'08 and went through the same as you : sweating ,rolled up in a ball it was so painful that I wanted to pass out etc.....  I got pregnant again in April but, the doctor said the heartbeat stopped at 8 weeks.  So, now I'm bracing myself for a natural miscarriage again - I'll never forget those wicked wicked cramps and I'd said I never wanted to go through that again - but, I will because I want to have a baby so bad.  
You'll see there ARE success stories from women here who have had multiple m/c's but, now have baby/ies or are pregnant at this moment. Don't give up hope - one day soon we'll see you on the pregnancy forum - your time will come !  
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I'm so sorry to hear what your going through. In 1996 I also was giving up after a m/c in 95 and an ectopic in 96, to my surprise I became pregnant right after the ectopic and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in 1997. I recently lost a son at 5 months in October and I have been ttc since Nov. As Sue68 said...there are alot of success stories and we need to hold on to that. I wish you the best and hope your feeling well soon.

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I'm sorry for your loss. It is a very painful time both emotionally and physically. I hope you feel better soon. I'm here if you need to talk.

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sorry about your loss and at 31 you can afford to take a break if you really want to. but after your body heals you may change your mind. don't be surprised. know what this feels like myself and i'm here for you.
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