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blighted ovum/missed miscarriage

so last night i had another ultrasound, only to be told that nothing much has changed in the last 2 weeks. I should be 9 weeks but was only measuring 7w6d.
went to the doctor this morning and my hcg levels are still going up, this is so frustrating, my body thinks its supporting something that isnt there, and all everyone can say to me (doctors, family etc) is "dont worry, try again next time". i dont think they realise how insensitive they are being.
i understand whats happened and that its all over but it still doesnt change the fact that all my nausea and morning sickness is still here and making me miserable.
i have no signs that a miscarriage is going to happen anytime soon and this sickness is killing me knowing its all for nothing. i dont want to have a d&c but emotionally i cant wait for it to happen naturally, its making me crazy.
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I understand 100% what your saying. Experiencing a miscarriage is soul destroying and makes you feel empty and alone.

I had a missed miscarriage ( also referred to as a Blighted Ovum) in Jan 2012 and because just like you I was feeling sick and tired all the time, I thought all was going very smoothly, until I found out on my 12 week scan, that I suffered a miscarriage.

All I remember was being in a state of shock and walking out in a daze, i could hear people talking, but was like they sounded so far away.

My body failed to recognise that my baby had died at 5-6 weeks, and I was getting all the pregancy signs still. My HCG was still high, and as SCARED as I was, and I was very scared, I decided to have the D&C.

I had a real fear of being put to sleep, but it was fine and totally pain feel.  I am a real wimp, and and it was fine, nothing to worry about at all. If you don't have the D&C, the miscarriage could take weeks, and in some cases u have to have the D&C, otherwise infection will occur.

Am so sorry about ur loss, it's very painful. I don't have any children either and it was my 1st pregancy, was hard 2 deal with, but am getting much stronger now, u do heal in time, but yes it takes time and each woman heals in her own time.

Miscarriages are so common and does not mean that this will happen again, for me I hope am 2nd time lucky.

People who say u can have another baby do not understand how awful a miscarriage is, because they have not been through one. They are trying to be kind and caring, but for us it's a touchy and sore subject, and it's the most annoying thing to  hear, makes u mad, then u feel guilty for being upset, then ur even more upset! Upset because u feel awful because of ur miscarriage and then mad at urself cos felt mad, it's mad, lol.

Wish u luck and happiness.


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Thank you so much for ur reply. I was abit nervous about having the d&c but ur reply helped and u were right, it was not as bad as I thought. It was tough to begin with, knowing my hcg levels were still going up and no sign of bleeding and then sitting in a room for 1.5hrs surrounded by pregnant ladies and then had recovery in the maternity ward but the procedure itself went smoothly and I know I would not have been able to cope with a natural miscarriage.
Now I'm on the road to recovery and hoping everything gets back on track soon so we can try again.
Thanks again for ur words of support :)
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Your so welcome,

Just to make you aware your period cycle may changed for a few months.

I have a 33 day cycle, but after the D&C, My 1st period came after 24 days, second was around 26 days and my 3rd came back to my normal cycle off 33 days, so if ur really serious about getting pregant quickly, then you need to have sex at least twice a week at least, and u might want to invest in the CLEAR BLUE FERTILTY MONITER, it's costs abit, but a very good device, read up on it.  
( The test strips that you use have to be brough separately).

Wishing you every luck and sucess and if you have any questions ust ask anytime.


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It still winds me up when ppl say you can try again ! Someone extremely close to me is expecting and there would have been four weeks between us and all she can say is will be my time again soon.... All I want to do us scream at them and say I don't want to try again , I should be pregnant and I want that baby ! We are about to try again but I will never forget my second pregnancy and light a candle on his/her due date. I also had a missed miscarriage too thought I was 12 and I was actually 8.5 weeks. I actually had a natural miscarriage and it was a long process in the end... Ive only stopped bleeding yesterday.
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