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crazy situation

Brief history of my last week, 2 Thurs ago went to family Dr. informed i was pregnant. Last Monday went to ER for throbbing pain on right side of tummy. Admitted to hospital for what Dr thought was a ectopic pregnancy, that seemed to have dropped in a right side pocket in tummy . Later on that night had lapro surgery, and tubes tied, because of Dr religious beliefs another Dr assisted with tubal. Woke up the next day Dr comes to see me, informs me, could not find eopic ,but did find a cyst that had ruptured, HCG levels were low, and could not find pregnancy.Dr then Informed me of a Methotrexate shot, but did not want to give it to me because of religious beliefs.I very much told this Dr twice that i would be find with the methtrox however ended up staying in hospital 4 days with this Dr trying to find where this pregnancy was. On my last day in hospital pregnancy was found in uterus, but hcg levels were still low. I was sent home informed that he would continue to follow this up,however these were not my wishes. Tonight i am home cramping and passing small egg size blood clots. I have a Dr. appt tommorow but am debating on going to ER.I am so confused. PLEASE HELP!!!!! I don't know where this DR is going with this, because of his religious belief. What do I need  to do????? Am I in the process of a miscarriage?
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Did you request the tubal and the Dr. did not want to perform it because of his religious beliefs?  Does he not believe in any forms of birth control?  It's a good thing that the pregnancy was found in your uterus because if it was ectopic it could have been very dangerous for you if the Dr. refused to terminate because of religious beliefs.  Any Dr. that refuses to give a methotrexate shot for a pregnancy is a danger to his patients.  You need to find a new Dr. who has more open religious beliefs and is wiling to provide the services and care you need.  It sounds like the beginning of a miscarriage, and would this Dr. be willing to perform a d&c if needed, or is that against his beliefs as well?  Please find yourself another Dr. asap, so your health is not endangered.
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I don't believe that this Dr had the right to perform a tubal because of HIS religious beliefs. I would either go to the ER or get a second opinion from another Dr. I would also seek advice from a Lawyer, just my opinion. Good luck to you and keep us updated.
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im not really sure why he's acting on his religious beliefs?? are they the same as yours? my understanding is that they are doctors and regardless of their beliefs they are to act on yours.. if i was you i would get a second opinion.
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I really don't know what to tell you other than I'm sorry. I honestly thought you had to request a tubal ligation. At least here in boston it depends on your age and if you consent to it. If you are having a m/c you may be beginning to lose it and that could be why your numbers are low. Sometimes rare but the pg kind of disappears and the trace that is left is the hcg. I would think about getting a 2nd opinion and a blood re-draw. As for the dr's religious beliefs essentially it's your body and your right to choose the type of medical care you recieve. Best wishes to you and good luck. I hope you get some answers soon.

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