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ectopic pregnancy~ when will my cycle return to normal?

i found out i was pregnant beginning of august. august21st - 6wks gone - started spotting. no pain but was worried so had internal ultrasound. this showed a baby with heartbeat in right fallopian tube. my tube ruptured on 26th and i had keyhole surgery to remove tube and foetus. went home same day. husband and i weren't offered a follow up appt or any counselling or advice. I bled for a wk from aug31st to sept6th. Have had nothing since. Why did they leave my right ovary when it's not attached to a tube? When can we ttc again? Did i ovulate in sept and could i be pregnant again now? When will a home pregnancy test be reliable again? Sorry about all the Qs were just so confused and dont know anyone who has been through this! thanks x
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I am so sorry for your loss. I had an ectopic pregnancy back in 2004. You should have been given a follow up appt. they leave ur ovary because you still ovulate from that ovary and after a little while it will just i dont know how to say it, i guess float on over to your other tube. your ovaries take turns ovulating if you will. i hope im not confusing you, sorry. usually about ttc again they usually want you to wait at least 3 months so you can heal completely. Ever since I had my tubal in 2004 I can feel myself ovulate. I wish the best of luck to you! Oh and you should call your doctor for a follow up appt.
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Hi my names jade, i suffered an ectopic at 10wks gone i had no pain and my baby was still growing, my right tube ruptured and i had the same keyhold surgeory to remove the baby and the tube, i went back for a check up but never offered any councelling nothing and having to go to the baby unit after losing mine nad the nurse talk to me as if i was still pregnant was horrible. i had an hour to live when i went to hosital as i had no idea i was bleeding internally.
god knows why they leave your right ovary in it seems silly to me because if they took it out your left will ovulate every month givibng you more chance of getting pregnant.  they say it usually takes an average of 18 months to fall pregnant again, i woudlnt try and concieve until you  are mentally and physically better because if your body isnt ready for it, it may result in miscarrying thats what happend to my aunt! and mentally you need to prepare yourself.  I have been doing this 8 months every time i have a period its heartbreaking.  My cycle isnt back to normal still and i lost my baby on 21st december last year, some months i have a 6 weeks cycle then the next it will be 4 then it will be 6 then it will be 4...what i have been doing is keeping a note of my cycles then using a ovulating calculator working out my ovulating dates if i were to have 28 day cycle and a 6 week cycle and those two weeks worth of dates i will ovulate somewhere around there. usually if tyou havea 28 days cycle you will ovulate on the 14th day. i howp this helps and lets you know your not alone on this one. take care and i wish you the best but dont try too hard too soon!!
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I wish you all the best in the future
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thank you both so much for replying to my questions. iv trawled the net since this happened but havent found the answers i needed til you guys replied. good luck to you both too xx
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First of all i am so sorry for your loss- it is the most heartbreaking thing to lose a baby as it is and then to top it off a tube to include the worry of fertility- I am in the same place.

I had my EP removed alongside my right tube on the 3rd of September. I was 8 weeks pregnant and luckily had not yet ruptured. However they chose to remove the tube as my hCG levels were over 2500.  I believe they leave the ovary as there is a chance the other tube can 'catch' the egg. The other reason I would hypothesis is the option to extract eggs from there. IF I was to lose the other tube or for some reason & was unable to get pregnant naturally, the option of two ovaries is better than one.  I had not thought about the idea of the one ovary ovulating each month if the other was removed. I guess your right. But you would be halving the number of eggs thus the number of periods/chances to get pregnant. It is confusing isnt it?

I have been giving a 6-8 week appointment which of course (gotta love our NHS.. NOT!!!) is in November (27th) so I have to wait to speak to them for my questions to be answered. Frustrating to say the least!!

I have, however, troweled the internet extensively and there is an Ectopic pregnancy trust which I am glued to all the time for information. Have a google of it! They recommend three months or two full period cycles before ttc again- both to give you time to emotionally and physically recover.

For me- i had no internal bleeding, op went well, the surgeon says my other tube looked fine, I didnt bleed much post op- few spots on two days or so- and then nothing- just some pains on both 'ovary' sides. My pelvic and abdominal region were tender and very bloated!

I started my AF on Monday which was 4 weeks 3 days after surgery. My Surgeon said I could start ttc as soon as I stopped bleeding and my GP said 3 months???!!! the EPT website does recommend the latter. DH and i did BDing once since the EP removal but since then we have decided to wait after the GP's advice.

On another note- I have just purchased a fertility monitor and have started monitoring my hormones this month. We probably wont try to conceive this month but it will be interesting to see what my cycle is. I had a pretty perfect 28 day cycle prior to my EP :o/

I hope the ladies and myself have managed to answer some of your questions for you. look up the EP Trust. The women and Medical Advisors on there have been a great help to me!

Good Luck to you.
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     I became pregnant with my first pregnancy in July 2009.  In August, I was diagnosed with an ectopic.  They tried the methotrexate shots (2 rounds), but they didnt work so on September 18th 2009 I was rushed to emergency surgery to remove the ectopic.  I bled every day from August 17th to Sept. 18th.  It turns out my tube was kinked, so it has to be removed and I was bleeding internally because the tube had ripped due to the mass of embryo and blood.  I lost my left tube that day... here are the answers the docs gave me.
     Your ovaries are not actually attached to your tubes... the tubes are attached to the uterus, but are free flowing by the ovary.  In fact, I feel my ovulation pains every month and in July, I ovulated from the right ovary but got pregnant in my left tube.  So either tube can pick up eggs from either ovary.  That's why they left the ovary.
     I started my period on Oct 25th 2009, which was 5 weeks and 2 days after my surgery.  The doctors said your period starting depends on how long it takes for your HcG levels to return to a non pregnant state.  There really isn't one set answer for everyone.
     The doc said to wait 2 cycles to start ttc just to make sure my cycles had returned to normal.  However, God had another plan for us.  We just found out I am 4 wks. pregnant.  Again, as far as how long it takes a person to concieve again, there isnt one set answer.  
     When you feel ready, mentally and physically (and your OB gives you the go ahead) I say go for it.  Just keep trying.  It'll happen!  Good luck =)
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