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green tea????

whats everyone's thoughts on drinking green tea while TTC and during pregnancy?
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I haven't really looked it up but I have heard conflicting things about it...I love green tea. I usually have a cup every night so I'm curious what to think about that too.
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I've also seen conflicting things, like yes it's great and no it's horrible.  So I don't know what to tell you.  I don't drink tea, but I was looking at weight loss products and all them have green tea in them, so I decided to stay away from them.
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green tea has a lot of cafeine (I can't spell and no spell check on my phone sorry)any way I read cafeine is good for conception in the form of tea and coffee but not sodas. A moderate amount is okay during preg but it may contribute to spontaneous mc. I didn't touch it when I was preg but I'm here so we all know how that turned out. I think of it as a stimulant that is why it is in diet drugs it curbs hunger and gives energy but it raises your heart rate and if u are preg it raises babys too that can't be good for such a small little heart. Just my thoughts.    
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now its getting colder im wanting hot drinks. i do like soy Latte but try to stay away form it. I guess ill try and at least limit my green tea intake and maybe stick with hot chocolate.
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Ok, so did a little looking and green tea has a lot of caffiene in it. At Starbucks you can get a green herbal tea that is called "refresh" it has a minty hint to it just like green tea. Hope this helps...but being green tea is used in ALOT of diet meds/potions I would suggest staying clear from it. :-)

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thanks for all your replies. im going to find an alternative to green tea.  
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oops...i didn't put that the Refresh tea bags from starbucks are caffiene free. they have a couple outher green options as well...
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i might be so tempted to get a soy latte if i go there but ill check out the teas... be cheaper anyways!!!!
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I got a pregnancy tea today to try. any thoughts on these so called pregnancy teas?
it says to have three a day and to stop drinking it after 35 weeks gestation.
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how is that pregnancy tea nunu? what are the benefits?
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I had one last night and couldn't get to sleep. it is caffeine free so not sure if it was something in the tee or just a bad night. I hardly ever have trouble falling to sleep.
I had another one this morning and now im having bad AF cramps but with no AF... again! once again not sure if it is the tea or not. When i went back for another ultrasound last week when they fond the cyst had burst the dr said my cervix was still open and hadn't closed up again so i cant imagine it has closed since then and stopping AF to flow again. I would only ever get cramps right when AF started or even after so Im a little worried about it.
Im going to stop drinking it for a bit and see what happens.
I might ask the Dr if its ok to drink while TTC other than that it tastes really good!
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I love green tea but when I was researching it while I was pregnant I found that it contains egcg, which is the stuff that's good for fighting cancer, but it inhibits the body's ability to use folate.  My brother had spina bifida and I know that folic acid intake is a big preventer of neural tube defects so I wouldn't drink it at all until after the first trimester.
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wow that is good to know! thank you for the info!
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